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Topic: Finale, Mac G5, GPO, KP2

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    Finale, Mac G5, GPO, KP2

    I have just done a clean re-install od Finale 2008, GJBB and Kontakt2. However, when I try to open a file using GPO or KP2 it says either
    “Warning! Could not open contentfile! It should be located at MacIntosh HD: Applications: Finale GPO: Finale GPO library: Finale_GPO_Lib_nks”
    “Garritan Jazz: no suitable contentfile was found at this location.”

    I have no idea what any of that means. Please advise.
    Thank you,


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    Re: Finale, Mac G5, GPO, KP2

    It looks like it somehow didn't end up in the right place possibly. Click on your hard drive and open the applications folder to see if you have folders with these titles:
    Finale 2008
    Finale GPO 2.0
    Finale GPO Library
    Garritan Jazz and Big Band
    Garritan Jazz Big Band Library
    Kontakt Player 2
    Service Center

    and these but only if you have the full version of GPO, which is a separate purchase from the one included in Finale:
    Garritan Personal Orchestra
    GPO KP2 Library
    GPO Library

    If they are there then i would just try reinstalling, if they are not there then a reinstall being careful to choose the applications folder to install into.

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