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Topic: MIDI guitar and GPO

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    MIDI guitar and GPO

    Hello: I'm a new user of GPO having recieved it through Tracktion 3. I would like to know of any tricks/tips on setting up GPO to work more expressively with a midi guitar controller. Thanks for your help. David

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    Re: MIDI guitar and GPO

    Welcome dhbret!

    A good question, smile.

    The first you have to look is if a sound can play the same as you can play with your MIDI guitar.

    For example: If you are playing short attacks on your guitar and a stringsound whish has no short attack in his samples is selected, it doesn`t work.

    So you always must know what a sound can do. If you have a Kontakt 2 Sampler, there you can edit any sound up to best results with your Midiguitar and save it.

    Also you can play very great chords by using different midichannels to the strings at your guitar and give them all a different GPO Instrument (sound).

    Hope this helps.


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