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Topic: Stacatto in GPO WoodWinds

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    Stacatto in GPO WoodWinds

    I'm having trouble in Woodwinds when I try some stacatto passages. In gpo there are no Sampled Stacatto for Woodwinds. If some one can tell me how to achieve this sound.

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    Re: Stacatto in GPO WoodWinds

    Try a large velocity (>100) to simulate a harder attack on the short note. Run it through a decent reverb bus and see if that will get the effect you need.

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    Re: Stacatto in GPO WoodWinds

    Hi, Renan

    The GPO samples are much more flexible than they might seem without some experimenting. There's no need for special staccato woodwind samples since you can get them to >chiff< away as you need with the tools at hand.

    Reegs certainly gave you an important tip about the velocity - the harsher attacks kick in at high velocity.

    And the other ingredient is to work with the sample length. This is controlled via cc #21. You want to automate the length of the notes to be shorter for staccato and fast passages, so the tails of the notes won't linger longer than would be natural in those passages. You can always automate the lengths to return to the default setting of 50% or longer whenever you want, elsewhere in the project.

    !! Neat, hum?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stacatto in GPO WoodWinds

    hmm, thanks for tips! Is anyone else having legato problems with the new KP2 update? I dont seem to be able to make it worK!

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    Re: Stacatto in GPO WoodWinds

    Hi, Ben

    What problems are you having with legato in KP2? Do you mean the assigning of how sustain works for each instrument? - You know that you set that individually now, for each instrument. That way you can have a piano set on normal sustain, and the other instruments set for the special legato MIDI cc sustain, all in the same instance - unlike KP1.

    But the rest of implementing legato still has to happen in your host environment, using a sustain pedal or inserting events.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stacatto in GPO WoodWinds

    Randy, thank you for your tips...I will be very useful for sure. If I have any doubt I'll just ask. Thanks again.

    Bets regards

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