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Topic: SAGE Converter HELP PLEASE!!

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    SAGE Converter HELP PLEASE!!

    hey guys, first post here. i am trying to convert rex files into RMX and everytime i start the sage conv it says it 'cant find the sage folder', then wont do anything else. i installed rmx from the update file on a fresh install of tiger then opened rmx in logic where it then created the link to the folder on my sounds drive.
    how do i show the sage converter where my folder is to import the rex files?!
    this is about to drive me nutty.
    any help is much appreciated
    k, did a few minutes worth of searching in the knowledge base and found my answer. thanks anyways!! i looked for about 2 hrs before i saw the 'search knowledgebase' button. ARGGH!!

    plus, i couldnt find where to delete this post instead of edit. this isnt my day.

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    Re: SAGE Converter HELP PLEASE!!

    Ha! Not really happy that happened to anyone else. It kicked my butt. I moved the SAGE folder to an external drive and couldn't figure out how to create a path to that folder. Ended up un-installing and re-installing. Now I see a small arrow where the folder is on my C drive I guess indicating the path. While you're laughing just remember, I was already out of the army when Pac-Man was invented!
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