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Topic: Another Solo Strings Comparison

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    Another Solo Strings Comparison

    For those of you who may be in interested, here's another solo strings comparison:

    Pastorale Interrupted

    Pastorale Interrupted 2

    These string trio sequences are nearly identical. Each uses one library only. You'll probably figure out the libraries, but I am interested in your unabashed opinions regarding them. The mixes are quite different.

    Which one sounds better and why?



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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    They sounded quite similar to me. I liked the second somewhat better. The sounds were a bit crisper to my hearing.


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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    The second one sounds a bit like the Kirk Hunter solo strings.

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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    First, I like the piece. I enjoyed listening to it twice. The first sounds like X-Sample to my untrained ear. The second sounds like Kirk Hunter's VS(Pro) Strings.
    The first seemed more intimately equalized, and more believable to me as an untrained musician. The second seemed more believable to me as an untrained listener, and more distantly equalized (and recorded).

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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    hard to say which is better. I liked the pizz on the first one, they both sounded quite good during the more aggressive parts, but they both sounded very average on the sustained notes especially the more solo parts.

    I guess overall I like the second one a bit better, but maybe only because the extra reverb help wash out and glue together the not as good sustains.

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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    For some reason, the legato sounded better to me on the first version. And although I liked the second, I think I prefer the more intimate feel that the first has. Nice programming and performance either way.


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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    Second for me. I could hear the programming in the first. Very nice piece!

    Ricky B

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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    Hello Marko,

    I hear it this way:
    Both renditions seem too heavy in the accompaniment- too loud in relation to the melody, but better in the solo marcato sections.

    The first rendition is harsh, aggressive and maybe useful in setting a mood of aggression or violence. It seems to avoid blending in total.

    The second rendition has more blend . It seems to achieve an even plane of sound. The marcato seems a little less aggressive. I would prefer listening to this rendition as a listening piece. It would have to set a different mood for a different setting than the first rendition.

    In the first then, I don't hear the blend and balance.
    In the second I hear the blend, yet the balance needs tweeking.

    And there is my un-expert, personal preference opinion.

    Nice to hear from you again, as always interesting in a good way,

    tony h
    tony h
    Master Comp. P5 deluxe intel dual core, Windows XP Pro, 4G ram, HD's=OS Audio, two samples, Cubase 3/4 , GVI Kirk Hunter Concert strings, KH Concert brass, Emerald, Miroslav strings, brass, Quantum Leap brass. DAW and Master comp by pcaudiolabs- Slave Comp for VI only, Gigabyte Intel ,8G ram, ethernet, Windows Vista Ultimatex64, VI Ensemble,VI SE Appasionata strings.

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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    Are we at some point actually going to be told what libraries were used?

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    Re: Another Solo Strings Comparison

    Sorry for my tardiness regarding this.

    The first one uses EWQLSO XP platinum samples, close mics only with a little added reverb from Kontakt2.

    The second is Kirk Hunter Solo Strings (early version) and I ran the sequence through an external reverb unit.

    I should run the EW samples throgh the same unit and compare the mixes. (I can't get the KH strings to translate properly in K2.)

    Thanks for your comments and your careful listening to these sequences.


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