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Topic: Overture 4 and Marching/Concert band

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    Overture 4 and Marching/Concert band

    just receive Maching/Concert Band this week, and just upgrade Overture SE to Overture 4. But I have a little problem now, don't know if it comes from Overture or Marching/Concert Band. I've set all my instrument volume (between -32 to -18, depends instrument) in M/C Band to have a good mix sound and use Mod Wheel in Overture for Dynamics. But when I stop playing the music (Using stop button in Overture), all my Instrument volume in M/C Band are reset to -12 and I have to reset everything. Never happen in GPO or JABB. Can somebody help me.

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    Re: Overture 4 and Marching/Concert band

    You need to uncheck "Accept standard controllers for Volume & Pan" in each instrument options dialog. I believe the standard instruments have this unchecked by default, but the notation instruments have it checked to better work with Finale's Human Playback. It's tedious, but I recommend just going through each instrument and unchecking that option. Overture 4 should also use the notation instruments. I find the unified keyswitching (all in the bottom octave) and -12 / 12 pitch bend range important.

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