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Topic: Finding the Memory Hog in DP5 running Kontakt2

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    Finding the Memory Hog in DP5 running Kontakt2

    Do any of you know what may be causing a new DP 5 sequence, running a single instance of Kontakt 2.3, on a Mac Pro with 9 GB of RAM, to give a "WARNING: LOW MEMORY" message - when there are only 1.4 GB of samples loaded into the Kontakt 2 multi?

    Do any of you know where the memory hog is in this equation?


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    Re: Finding the Memory Hog in DP5 running Kontakt2

    The problem could be the sound in the DFD Preference Settings or any buffer settings on your sound card or just not enough ram?

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    Re: Finding the Memory Hog in DP5 running Kontakt2

    I always get the same message when loading any kompakt player or number of instruments in 1 player, even 1 instrument, on a machine with 3GB of ram.

    Of course it never complains when it's loading on a machine with 2GB of ram.

    I just attribute it to 'not so great' programming in Kompakt.

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    Re: Finding the Memory Hog in DP5 running Kontakt2

    The answer to your question is here:


    Basically OS X will only alot 2-3 GB's of RAM per application running, so Kontakt thats running in DP is sharing that RAM with DP.

    There is a workaround, you can also open Kontakt as standalone outside of DP, and in DP you can use the "Interapplication MIDI" under the setup menu to create midi ports that will be seen in the Kontakt standalone. to get the audio back into DP download Soundflower (its free) and you can output the sound from Kontakt to soundflower, and bring it into an aux track input in DP with the same soundflower port. That way the Kontakt in DP gets a couple gigs of RAM and the Kontakt standalone also gets its own 2-3 GB's of RAM.

    64-bit of course will open the RAM limitation in one application (Mac OS Leopard), but all programs will need 64-bit updates for that to happen, so it may be another year or so before that all shakes out.

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