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Topic: Who's using Sibelius 5 with GPO?

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    Who's using Sibelius 5 with GPO?

    I'm testing the Sib 5 demo and am having problems playing back
    crescendos & decrescendos (I refuse to call them 'hairpins').

    I believe I've set things up properly. Everything else works. Actually,
    even the cresc./decresc. works in the sense that it gets gradually louder
    or softer, except....

    ...I'm getting occasional 'glitches', where the note gets suddenly much louder
    for a 1/4 second or less. It plays back the same each time. I've narrowed this
    down to a score with a single flute playing one note and it still has this problem.

    Are they playing back smoothly for you? Is this a known problem?

    Thanks, klassical
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    Re: Who's using Sibelius 5 with GPO?

    I hate the term hairpin as well. *yuck*

    There are some known quirks having to do with voices. Try putting the creas/decres in Voice 1 only and see what happens. They sometimes seem to get put in all voices when you input them.

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