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Topic: Midi Guitar Question

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    Midi Guitar Question

    Hi guys,

    I'm using Jabb at the moment, i'm using a keyboard but i'm not a keybourd player so I have to record a few bars at a time.

    My question is.....if I buy a midi pickup for a guitar can i play brass instruments realistically ie. will bending a not and using vibrato on the guitar work on say, a trumpet?

    What are the 'pros and cons'.


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    Re: Midi Guitar Question

    with a modern system like a GI-20 from Roland and a GK equipped guitar one can do very convincing stuff but you have to think like a brassplayer and set the pitch bend amount for the sounds to an octave so even subtle bends of the string are transmitted over MIDI for fingervibrato etc.

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    Re: Midi Guitar Question

    Thanks Hans,
    I do understand that the amount of pitch bend is going to be minimum on some instruments, but I am told by someone who is qhite knowledgable on tec stuff that because the midi note is just a basic signal if you add some vibrato via a guitar the sequencer gets confused as to what note it is receiving.
    It would be a lot easier for me to play virtual instruments with guitar, I can get a lot more expression etc....as long as it will work!


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    Re: Midi Guitar Question

    thats why you need to set a wide range for the pitch bending that is transmitted from the guitar to the computer.
    Otherwise you get all sorts of unrealistic thrills etc even from slightly bended notes.
    Theres a couple of videos at the Roland website that show the GK products in action.
    I am sure you can find even more at youtube.

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    Re: Midi Guitar Question

    Just an update:

    I've bought and installed a Roland G3 midi pickup and GI20 interface, admittedly I have only spent a couple of hours with it but I have to say I am not too impressed!
    Because i'm not a keyboard player I wanted to get something that I could play with guitar so that I could add some expression and vibrato.
    Well the vibrato and pitchbend works, I think i've found the right setting and have also set the instruments pitchbend to the same number, but I find that when playing 'straight ' notes there is a very small slide to each note, also when playing medium fast riffs etc. some of the notes are not recorded.

    Perhaps it's early days and i'm jumping the gun but at the moment i'm not that convinced!

    I hope someone out there will tell me i'm doing something wrong.


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    Re: Midi Guitar Question

    Hi all, newbie here, but I am a guitarist with several MIDI rigs, and I can say pretty surely that the Roland GK pickups are not capable of the subtle nuances you're looking for. RMC pickups with the Roland systems are far more accurate, but expensive and involve lots of custom install work. I use the MIDI guitars for long tones, bass lines and chordal things (vibes, electric pianos), but I am convinced that I need to practice the keyboard skills in order to attain a sufficient speed to make arranging profitable.

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    Re: Midi Guitar Question

    I think you're right about this pickup, i've tried every configuration and can't get it to do basic stuff with even a minimum of pitchbend, I am very disappointed with it.
    A keyboard gives a far better performance, but it means a lot more practice!


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