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Topic: Galaxy II or Ivory?

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    Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I'm training to be a concert pianist and I've been trying to find the best librarys for realistic response and sound, to record a piano album and use to add to a concerto that has orchestra recorded already.

    I've limited my options down to Galaxy II piano collection or Synthogy Ivory.

    Any of you got both of these librarys and can comment on which you prefer?

    Many thanks,
    Marcus Chapman

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    go Ivory

    it is a top notch company behind it !!!

    AAA support and a great product !

    best, imusic

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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I second Ivory. I love it. It's a pleasure to play. Of course it depends on your controller keyboard.

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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I say get both.

    I have Ivory and although it plays and responds very well, there is a certain harshness to the sound in the middle registers (middle C and neighboring keys) when you pound. I am speaking of the Ivory Steinway. The strength of this instrument IMHO is the softer velocity samples. Plus I can perceive that there is ambience to the samples, which is a nice thing but which leaves little room for modifying the sound. I have never made a CD with Ivory that I am satisfied with except when recording pieces that are soft such as new age. I find that the timbre "opens up " excessively when going from pp to ff.

    Hearing the Galaxy II demos, I can tell that the samples are more close-miced and do not have the harshness I perceive with Ivory when playing loudly. Galaxy II sounds more like a natural, neutral, and real piano to me.

    But that's just me.

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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I use ivory and am very impressed with it. Here is a small sample of something I did with it here a few days ago if you would like to listen. It's a little thing where I was just fiddling around with chords and I put a little too much reverb in it probably.

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