I`m trying to help my brother in his choice for laptop daw:

1. laptop
2. firewire soundcard (asio, stereo out, no multichannel recording)
3. firewire harddrive (for streaming samples)

He will be mostly using it with Kontakt (lots of samples) and Cubase SX, maybe running other vsti's aswell. Maybe use it for multimedia, movies and stuff too.

He is willing to spend about 21000 swedish kr, which is about 3000$ (usd).
Any suggestions/experiences?
Your tips are welcome and invaluable. (I´m really not a laptop guy!)

He doesnt want to abandon Windows, so macs wouldnt be the first choice? Can one run windows + win progs on a mac as good as on a pc?

I´ve posted this in another forum too, which I will not try and write the name of here.