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Topic: Looking for minimalist examples

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    Looking URGENTLY for minimalist examples


    I'm urgently looking for scores, examples, techniques anything that will help me write a minimalist piece. Steve Reich is the better example I'm looking for.

    I would of loved the score of "The Four Sections"

    But any help will be appreciated.



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    Re: Looking for minimalist examples

    Minimalism is a very broad church of course - but there are ideas that you can explore such as:

    using phrase "cells"
    employing phase (or phrase...) shifting
    using algorhythmic processes
    using static or reduced harmony

    I suspect that if you were to approach a complete score you wouldn't be able to see the trees for the forest - that is - you'd have to "decode" it for it to be really useful.

    the wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimalist_music is pretty good in my view.

    Finally I would question whether you've truely been asked to write a minimalist piece, or just write something that's influenced by/ reminiscent of popular examples of minimalist music - which is not quite the same thing in my book.... the latter being much easier to blag as someone is just after a 'sound' rather than a piece of art...

    Apologies if you know all the above already!! - just thought i'd get the ball rolling... not sure where you could find scores though, sorry...


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    Re: Looking for minimalist examples

    Thanks Chris,

    I write music for commercials, in this particular case they want Steve Reich style, more than Glass. I could fake it, but I'd like to be faithful to the technique as much as possible.

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    Re: Looking for minimalist examples

    I'm with ChrisR on this one. If it's for a media job, whoever has asked for it almost certainly doesn't want something that unfolds as slowly as actual minimalism. Also, once you've set up a process (and most of Reich is 'process music') it becomes awfully hard to interrupt it, making Reich-like Minimalism possibly the most inflexible music there is for tracking a film. (Unless it's an art film that's being cut to your music - e.g. Koyanisqaatsi).

    On the other hand, blagging the surface texture of Reich, but without the 'process,' is quite easy and makes for great underscore.

    My favourite bit of pseudo-minimalism is the main theme from 'Minority Report' (Williams of course), which combines the chugging, pulsation of Reich, and the small cells, with fruitier harmony and more dramatic orchestration.

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    Re: Looking for minimalist examples

    Yes, it's understood that the changes will occur faster, especially within 30 sec, but I remain with my question, I'm looking for examples to see how someone like Steve Reich makes it so effective and smooth. A score from the master helps a lot.

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    Re: Looking for minimalist examples

    Well if you don't find anything else, the study score of 'Four Sections' is here, but it's the most expensive miniature score I've ever seen.

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    Re: Looking for minimalist examples

    Yes, it is expensive! But if I could find it downloadable I might consider buying it.... I'm using that as temp.



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