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Topic: Galaxy II or Ivory?

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    Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I'm training to be a concert pianist and I've been trying to find the best librarys for realistic response and sound, to record a piano album and use to add to a concerto that has orchestra recorded already.

    I've limited my options down to Galaxy II piano collection or Synthogy Ivory.

    Any of you got both of these librarys and can comment on which you prefer?

    Many thanks,
    Marcus Chapman

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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    Hi Marcus,

    I only have Ivory, but I have used it to record a solo piano album. Check out: http://www.usfourmusic.com/music.html to lisen to samples of my albums. It may not be your style but you can get a good idea of what Ivory is capable of when used as a solo instrument...

    I have not used Galaxy II so I can't comment on that piano.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thumbs up Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I have Galaxy II and absolutely love it. For me...it sets in a mix very well. The controls available per piano is enormous.

    Never played Ivory...but IMHO....I like the sound of Galaxy II Steinway and more.

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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?


    I'm a classical pianist myself. I don't have any experience with Galaxy whatsoever, so I can't comment on those pianos. I absolutely love playing solo classical woth Ivory though. The Steinway is just gorgeous and feels great with a good keyboard.

    (In all honesty: I don't think you can make a bad choice between Ivory and Galaxy II.)

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    This is a very good question.

    I'm waiting for the Garritan Steinway, myself. Then I'll decide.

    Right now I'm using the Black Grand. My results are passable in the following sense: If I record my playing of say, a Chopin nocturne, and compare that recording to a modern Sony or EMI recording of the same piece, the Black comes out sounding like a convincing solo piano (in this case a Steinway), but of a 1970's or 1980's vintage. More precisely, the recorded result is indistinguishable from any typical 80's technology piano--so it sounds totally and completely "real," but the fidelity is not up to the standards of the current high-end crop of solo piano recordings. It's a bit like listening to a music through a pair of inexpensive speakers, compared to listening through good high end monitors.

    I don't mean this as a criticism of the Black, because the "fidelity" issue is one of the main challenges for piano sample technology. None of the competition is any better or any worse when it comes to fidelity.

    The other criterion I look (or listen) for is realism. That's quite separate from "fidelilty." You can probably find quite a few samples with great tonal range, great bass, super-clear and transparent treble. The trouble is that that those samples may not actually sound like REAL pianos. Case in point: any off the rack 1500 dollar syth will give you plenty of fidelity and, on to top of that, great finger touch/control and response. Great to play, in other words. But when you listen to the result carefully you realize that it doesn't sound like a real piano. Those of us who have played on nothing but real pianos for 40 years or so know what I mean.

    "Realism" then, is a differnt kettle of fish from "fidelity." And the Black is totally "realistic," at least in the recorded end result.

    I've listened to the Galaxy demos and the impression I get is that there is plenty of fidelity. The apprehension I have is in the "realism" department. The "Vienna" grand (which is part of the package) actually sounds more realistic as a piano than the "Steinway" sample, at least, based on the mp3s.

    I think that a whole lot more Galaxy Steinway mp3s might confirm or disconfirm that initial impression.

    Same problem with the Ivory by the way: the Ivory Bos sounds a whole lot more realistic to my ears than the Ivory Steinway.

    More listening to do, and again, I'm waiting for some Garritan demos. My rule: always compare the piece being demoed against the same piece (also in mp3 format) professionally recorded. Don't let your ears accommodate to the piano's "sound," or you'll end up fooling yourself.

    Also, beware the mp3 files that are clearly pure midi--they'll never sound as "real" as a midi file that's a result of real playing by a real person. I fear that more than a few mp3 samples out there are of the former variety, and those mp3s always do a disservice to the piano sample.


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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I'm going to eat my words above. I've listened to as many demo mp3s as I could out there, and I also managed to demo the Ivory at a store. As far as the Steinway sound is concerned, the Ivory comes out ahead of everything else I've heard, including Akoustic. For classical, which is pretty much all I do, the Ivory would be my choice, ahead of the others. Just sounds the most REAL to my ears.

    The Electronic Musician review is pretty accurate, and provides some very revealing midi demo files. But where they get it wrong, I think, is in the tonal accuracy of their top contenders: ivory and akoustic. Listening to the midi file demos on different days, I always find the Ivory more realistic, just better sounding. That doesn't mean it's easier to play, but it does just seem more piano-like to my ears.

    Now if we could only hear the Garritan Steinway.....


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    Re: Galaxy II or Ivory?

    I'm trying to study music by myself!

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