Hello Fello GPO Enthusiasts,
This is my first post here, so if I'm in the wrong part of the forum - well, apologies ! I'm a composer who at present is very interested in the actuall playback sound quality because I'm making Demo CD'S, and am offering a service writing personal music as birthday presents (etc). At the moment, this is in infancy as I encounter all sorts of problems - due to being a PC Dummy.

I using the GPO Sibelius Ed. with Sibelius 4 and have noticed the following: I'm working on a score for Solo flutes/oboes/English Horns/Bassoons/French horns/Violas/'Cellos/Double Basses/Harp.
I chose the Chamber Ensemble Sound set, but noticed that the individual instrumental sound was weak, so I doubled the instruments (apart from Harp) using the Solo KS version. But the sound is still very weak and quiet, though if I turn up the volume on my PC speakers, it is a bit better. Overall, the delicateness of the sound is very pleasing and absolutels right for this current piece, only too weak. So I've been experimenting with increasing Reverb, and I also set up new sccores using different sound sets: Romantic, Wind and Modern Orchestras, and Kontakt Gold Kombo.

I was incredibly surprised to hear that the overall sound was VERY different in quality and loudness, even though when comparing the Mixer levels I couldn't find significant differences.

Can anyone explain this to me, and perhaps suggest how I can get an overall louder sound, but still keep the delicate nature of the Chamber ensembles sound set ?

Thanks a lot, SeaDream