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Topic: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

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    My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    Hi everyone,

    Here is my first ever and only (so far) composition. It begins with a short and very simple piano introduction and then moves on to a strings passage which revolves around a three-note pattern, and builds to a climax.

    I'd love to hear what you all think, and would be very grateful for any criticism, advice or just general comments you could give me.

    I'm 18, and have never had any musical training (I didn't even take music at school) so the only musical knowledge I have is what I have read myself from books such as "idiots guide to composition" and this brilliant web site.

    I am very in love with music, I first became interested through film music. My favorite film composers are James Horner and John Williams (among others. Recently, I have begun to look into all types of serious music and Prokofiev is my favorite of the composers I have looked into so far.

    I always laughed off the thought of me doing anything musical because I grew up not knowing what a treble clef or 4/4 time is. But with the help of Garritan Personal Orchestra and this site I've finally started to believe I can start a long journey towards composing and hearing music I can be proud of.

    So there we go.

    You can listen to my Piece here...



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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    Welcome Dave!

    You did a great first composition, very beautiful!

    I like the way it beginns, the piano and then moving into the string passage, and the cello line at the end... .

    For now it is very short, but I am sure you will work on it and we soon can hear a nice completed work from you, this one.


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    Welcome Dave!

    You're off to a great start! I heard some beautiful sonorities in there!

    Just keep experimenting and growing... and GPO is the perfect tool to nurture you along.

    Looking forward to your next one.


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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)


    First, your melody is excellent and quite expressive. However, you need to bring the expressiveness into your piece. Give it some dynamics (ie softness rising to dramatic). Learn to use that modulation wheel to start soft, then gradually increase the pressure upon the bow. Right now, it sounds like everything is "maxed out", so it tends to sound more like a synth than an orchestra. Do this for your piano as well. Touch the keys softly, then build the drama as if you started with the leaves of autumn and climbed to a majestic mountain peak.
    Also, separate your string instruments into violin, viola, cello and bass. Think about a possible counter melody that will support the and build on the melody. This too will help keep it from sounding too synthy as well. Add a little more reverb to give a concert hall experience.

    These are not criticisms, but rather possibilities to bring out the richness of the sweet melodic line you have presented.

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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    Hi, HardtoStarboardxxxxx

    Welcome to the Forums. I think it's great that you jumped right in with enthusiasm to post your music. You sound upbeat and positive about the fairly recent discovery of your interest in music--Thanks for filling us in a bit about your background. It's exciting to know that it's all starting for you, and that you have great tools like GPO to explore your musical ideas with.

    I enjoy the piece you posted. I hear a greater sensitivity in it than in many first compositions.

    I bet you'll be happy working with this material awhile, to experiment with even more orchestration ideas. And Schneb has given you several good ideas, both in the composition and in the performance departments.

    Experiment with what he was explaining about the mod wheel (which generates MIDI controller #1) - it's an essential tool for making music more organic and life-like with GPO. Don't be afraid to have it moving up and down all through each instrument's performance, so notes can swell, or fade down--Up and down in a dramatic flow, that's what to aim for.

    It sounded like you had some separation of the string sections in your arrangement, but also as Schneb pointed out, you need to divide them cleanly into five sections for classically oriented music like this. Info is easily found online about the sections of a string orchestra, starting in the orchestration lessons posted in another section of this group of Forums. Right now they're often in unison, playing the same note. That gives a clean pure sound which is great once in awhile, but much of the time, you'll want to have the sections in harmony with each other.

    You're dealing mostly with three chords in this piece, which is fine, but limiting. There is a constant resolving of the progression when repetition is used this much. Hmm, I'm getting too complicated. I would just suggest you think in terms of having your music always moving forward rather than being happy to tread water in one spot. Maybe that image will give you an idea for more development.

    It's an inspiring post, your text coupled with your music - It's so great to meet someone your age who is realizing he's been given the talent of writing music.

    Come back soon!

    Randy B.

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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    HI Dave,

    Very nice first piece. It has a lot going for it and comes from the heart. Your application of the GPO instruments fits it well. Now you can experiment and move on to your next work. It will get easier and better with experience. Thanks for sharing it with the forum.



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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    Welcome, Dave, to the fantastic world of music and to this great forum!

    By your first composition it is obvious that you have a natural talent!
    You have created a very nice climax, and I liked very much the dissonant chords which you used.
    Keep on listening to music, there's so much to hear and learn. But not less important, keep on experimenting and getting out that composer in you.


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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    Your first composition shows considerable sensitivity. It flows nicely and concludes satisfactorily. There were a few times that I would have liked to hear the melodic line flow more above the harmony, but we are talking dynamic control. You have made a very favorable first impression.

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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    You have chosen the correct path. You have a great gift for composition and orchestration. Do not doubt yourself for you are meant to compose. Follow your heart. Write what is in your heart and the music will find it own lovers. If your first composition can possess this much beauty and be loved so immediately then grab your mouse, your pencil, your pen, your quill and write the next measure and the next measure for I know that the symbols on the score will be true magic and when heard a great delight to the hearer. Composers are like wizards and whatever meathod is used to compose is like a magic wand. There is great magic in you Harry Potter--sorry I mean David.

    Welcome to the equivalent of Hogwarts for Composers in cyberspace.
    Samantha Penigar


    Dream it! Then Do it! Good things come to those who work while they wait. [COLOR=purple]Persistence[/COLO

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    Re: My First Ever Composition (GPO Strings)

    Wow! Less than a day and 8 replies already! Thankyou all very much for taking the time to comment. It means very much and is very helpful too. You were all very kind with your comments too.

    I've got some questions for you...

    First, schneb, you said...

    "Also, separate your string instruments into violin, viola, cello and bass."

    Do you mean use the different string section sounds for the different parts? such as "cellos lush" etc? Because I did do this, if thats what you mean. I used the different "lush" string sections. I'll try and add more expressivness to the performance, like you suggested.

    Second, rbowser- said...

    "i bet you'll be happy working with this material awhile, to experiment with even more orchestration ideas"

    So you think I should try and orchestrate the piece in different ways? Like with woodwind and so on?

    Tom_Davis said...

    "There were a few times that I would have liked to hear the melodic line flow more above the harmony, but we are talking dynamic control."

    I'm sorry, this is where my lack of training comes out. I'm not quite certain what you mean. Do you simply mean, have the melody a bit louder and more noticable than the harmony parts?

    sunbird said...

    "and I liked very much the dissonant chords which you used."

    Thanks! I was a bit worried some of the dissonant parts didn't work, but you think its ok?

    Finally, Thanks again to all of you for your friendly and positive comments. It really is very motivating.

    Hmmm... What will I do for my next piece?


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