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Topic: Can SAM Horns sound like Epic Horns?

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    Can SAM Horns sound like Epic Horns?

    I have SAM horns and I'm trying to get my sound sets to sound like VSL's Epic horns. I am experimenting with layering them, but I still can't get that really hard brass edge. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Can SAM Horns sound like Epic Horns?

    I'm not sure whether you could get that big of a sound with SAM horns, but I think with Sonic Implants symphonic brass horns you certainly can..


    At the bottom of my page there under "Random Demos" I threw together a quick and dirty solo demo of the Sonivox 4 horns bells up patch playing the Star Trek fanfare. The Sonivox brass also comes with a 6 horns patch which compares very favorably in my view to Epic Horns (I might even say I prefer it to Epic Horns).

    Sonic Implants has a hefty price tag though.. You can get pretty good 6 horns a bit cheaper by going with Westgate Modular Horns and mixing their 4-horns with their 2-horns patch, or perhaps with WIVI (which has 4 horns) and mixing that with your SAM Horns (another 4) you could get that type of sound.


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    Re: Can SAM Horns sound like Epic Horns?

    If u want a little more bite, try mixing in the stopped horns

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