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Topic: Pavarotti Dead at 71

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    Sad when a once great artist passes away - not too bad an innings though.

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    The throne will be empty now for very long time

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    Although opera is my least favorite music, besides bagpipes I am certainly able to recognize when someone is the best in his field, and he certainly was in my opinion. Absolutely an amazing gift and talent. Sad that he had to suffer from his long illness.

    He was fantastic!
    Thank you or posting this Samantha!

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    - - - How do you fill such a gap?

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    Pavarotti's passing was the first news I heard this morning. Incredibly sad to think of his amazing voice no longer being heard - except that of course it Will be heard through the hours and hours of great recordings he's left behind.

    If someone reading my reply has never seen a DVD of one of Pavarotti's Opera performances, I can only say that you owe it to yourself to seek one or more out Immediately. I feel it's literally impossible to be more drawn in and thrilled by a vocalist's performance.

    For most of my life, Opera has been something I rarely listen to, until the last couple of years. It's the media of DVD and videotape which made it sink in to me that Opera can be the most captivating and moving of all performing arts. You have to let go of being uncomfortable with melodrama, of being embarrassed by HUUuge emotions being portrayed through music and performance, of being perplexed by the stark theatricalness of the genre - Instead, you need to open yourself up to see Opera as a vivid dream world of myth and pathos, of human longing amplified up into the stratosphere - it can be breathtaking.

    And when performed by such a rarely gifted singer as Pavarotti - it can grip you in the way you always wish music would.

    Long live the legacy of one of the greatest performing artists in history.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71


    Sad news.

    Prayers and condolences to his family, friends, and fans.

    It was hearing the great female sopranos that first attracted me to opera, but the first time i heard Pavarotti i became addicted to his music.

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    Good speed on your journey, Luciano... our best wishes
    are with you.


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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    Pavarotti will be missed, but his music will live on.

    A life spent in music is a life beautifully spent"
    Luciano Pavarotti

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    Re: Pavarotti Dead at 71

    A sad day indeed for the music world. His amazing smile and expressive eyes, he will be missed.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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