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Topic: Installation issue with Stradivari

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    Installation issue with Stradivari

    I just bought Garritan Stradivari. However, I just realised that the version sold to me is 1.06. I should have asked the question in store but I was hoping for version 2. I have tried to copy the files to my C drive and open in KOntakt 2 which I have from GPO and JABB update from NI. However, I get a message saying that "the patch cannot be used with this version of Kontakt 2. What do I do? I do not have standalone Kontakt. I dont know how and where to upgrade to version 2. Help...

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    Re: Installation issue with Stradivari

    There was a reasonable upgrade path for Stradivari 1.x users to Strad2 which includes the Kontakt Player 2 and the updated versions of the instrument when the updated version came out. Given Gary's dedication to his customers, I imagine it is still available, even if it is not listed on the site. I recommend you contact Gary Garritan directly at gary@garritan.com to take care of it.


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