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Topic: Virtual Sostenuto

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    Virtual Sostenuto

    I have been playing sampled, and acoustic pianos all of my life. Only recently has the technology advanced to where the sound is no longer the issue, but rather performance features of a real piano.

    Maybe not everyone uses it, but I can assure you, if you do play solo piano, it is a very important feature. I see that on a MIDI CC chart there is a mentioning of it, but still have never heard one. Even the soft pedal emulations are inaccurate, as that requires shifting the hammer placement to strike fewer strings.

    For example, I have a great sounding Upright Clinton library for using with a Blues R & B, and Gospel type of gig. The samples get their initial ambience from one of my hardware reverbs, the PCM91. It emulates the sound and space prior to the damper pedal being depressed. The pedal down ambience is a Gigapulse impulse, with harmonics and ambience. My perfectly tuned libraries are plentiful, and all add release samples, etc. But I would like to know if any developer is planning to release a more performance orientated instrument, as my 14 K2, and Giga libraries pretty much have the sounds needed.

    I believe that Gigastudio 4 will use it's great memory saving DEF features to do a real shifting of the hammers, instead of sampling all of those notes and their corresponding velocities, but no mention of sostenuto ? I suppose that one could record his/hers sostenuto parts, and play along with them, but I am old school. I use sequencers for lighting, and changing effects during a performance, as I prefer to play, and improvise, not pretend.

    I will dedicate a DAW for this instrument if one exists. Any developers planning on tackling this important feature?

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    Re: Virtual Sostenuto

    It seems PianoTeq has Sostenuto support.

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    Re: Virtual Sostenuto

    xav 93 posted re combining pianoteq with a sampled piano here. I don't know whether that combo would be practical for gigging.

    Garritan's Steinway will include true una corda samples.

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    Re: Virtual Sostenuto

    Thanks 4 the replies mates,
    The combo looks cool, but you were right about it's practicallity. I think GS4 might have it covered, we shall see. Otherwise I could always build a liitle DAW w/ a cheap quad for stand alone, or Bidule. I shall check out some more VSTi's as I can run K2, GS3, and many others at once.

    If you guys happen to hear of one that works well by itself, w/o extra tweaks, please re post. I wopuld appreciate it, as the time is now, no longer is the sound quality an issue, just the performance features.

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