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Topic: GPO for Reason Refill sample songs

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    GPO for Reason Refill sample songs

    Have the sample songs from the GPO for Reason page been posted anywhere in Reason's song format? For those of us who have the GPO for Reason Refill those song files would be a great way to see how the instruments were programmed and arranged to take advantage of this great refill!

    Gary, is it possible for you to post these Reason files? If any of them are under copyright, is it possible to post the ones that are not?



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    Re: GPO for Reason Refill sample songs

    Tony, I just downloaded these and played them in Reason, and they are AWESOME! Thank you thank you thank you! As a complete newbie who is trying to learn orchestration and see how to build an orchestral piece, I think these are extremely illustrative and useful. Not to mention that they sound beautiful and really showcase the GPO Refill!

    If you ever get the chance, it'd be great to have the other pieces, especially "Till the End" and "Peace." In any case. thank you again!

    Gotta go, got to play with my new toy...

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    Re: GPO for Reason Refill sample songs

    I wanted to update my GPO orchestral template for my laptop. I used the MIDI file of "Wings of Dreams" by Kentaro Sato as a starting point.

    I EQed the strings fairly significantly and I employed every orchestral mockup trick I know to make this sound as good as I could make it.


    Comments welcome,

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