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Topic: installing finale2008 from CDs

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    Question installing finale2008 from CDs

    i have a 2-month-old MAC pro quad. it has 9 GB RAM, one standard 250GB hard drive, and 3 750GB drives striped together in a RAID. it has almost no software on it, except for most recent tiger, itunes, safari, etc. it was bought specifically to work on finale. for general things, i have an eMAC. So this quad is empty and powerful.
    i purchased the new finale2008 and received three CDs to install. CD 1 goes OK and i believe it is into the install of the Garritan sounds before it asks for CD 2. CD 2 continues the Garritan install - and in process at 73% each time - the CD rom drive just goes silent and stops and a message says to start the install again. this has h appened 3 times consecutively and at 73% in process on the CD 2.
    has anyone else experienced any problems with finale2008 installation from the CDs? i am thinking it has to be a problem with the disk. i just don't think the quad is behaving badly.
    all ideas are appreciated.

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    Re: installing finale2008 from CDs

    Reasons no one is answering is probably no one else has had this happen, plus less people in the General Discussion today, maybe because it's Sunday.

    Wish i could help but don't know. Hang in there someone will eventually reply.

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    Smile Re: installing finale2008 from CDs

    spoke to finale techs today who say the problem is in the disk medium itself and are sending a single DVD with all installations instead of a 3 CD set. they said that Garritan has had problems repeatedly putting their software on the CDs for this finale 2008 releaes.
    thanks to all for looking at to Leaf for a reply

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