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Topic: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

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    HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    A Very


    Today is Nikolas' Birthday. Let's all wish him a very Happy Birthday.

    Thanks Nikolas for being a valuable member of this community. May the years ahead bring you much success and many good things in life.

    All the best,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Happy Birthday, Nikolas!

    All my best,


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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Happy Birthday Nikolas!

    For your birthday i got you a link to a cool thread.

    click on the "this song" posted by illuminatus.

    Have a great day!

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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Have a great one, Nikolas!

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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Happy birthday Nikolas!

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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Happy Birthday Nikolas!!

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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Happy Birthday Nikolas!! Did you get a present, or did you have to count your new monitors as an early one?

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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Happy birthday Nikolas.


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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!



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    Re: HappyBirthday Nikolas!

    Gary, David, David, Stephen, Rusty Crook, Greg, Pingu, Jim and Raymond:

    Thank you all The past few days have been incredible from every aspect!

    1. I entered the big 3-0. The last of my immediate family (brothers, sisters, in laws cousins, etc) to do so! I was the younger. I have cousins at the age of 48! Imagine that!
    2. No monitors yet, Pingu, but I already have the money saved, so I'm waiting, since they have the be built custom made (yay!
    3. The most brilliant thing though. For those who do not know, I'm doing a PhD in the uk. In most unis in the uk, you start off at mphil and then at some point you do the upgrade to phd status. Which I had on Friday, and I passed!
    4. But that's not all. I also have had a scholaship for 2 years from the Greek Goverment to keep studying (thus, studying is cool!) which unfortunately it was held to a standstill, cause I was still at mphil level (and they would love it if I was phd). So the moment I upgraded to "normal" phd level, I got my scholarship back. (it is raughly 22,000$... And with two kids GOD I NEED THAT MONEY!)

    I have plenty of reasons to be happy!

    Thank you all!

    PS. While posting I was listening to the song! Niiiiice.... very nice... I did get several words of that song actually, although Greek

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