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Topic: Program changes not recognised

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    Unhappy Program changes not recognised

    This is strange.
    I have copied an instrument from "Sonic Strings" and changed the program number to 92. My present strings operate on PGM 49. My default load has 49 preloaded on channel 3, however when 92 is sent from the sequence there is no change. Volume CC 7 does change, and I can see midi being sent.
    Here is the interesting bit.....
    If I manually unload PGM 49 instrument, and then manually load PGM 92, all midi PGM sent from then on work perfectly. I can change programed instruments every time without any problem.
    I then save the default load, close the machine and restart only to find 92 and 49 no longer work unless I go through the manual load again.
    Can anyone comment on this please ...

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    Re: Program changes not recognised


    What GS are you using? What sequencer you are using?
    If you are talking about GVI, we know that no proram changes are recognized. GSx however should not have this problem.


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    Re: Program changes not recognised

    Hi Ted,
    I don't have GVI.
    I am using GS version 3.20.2386
    My sequencer is a dos application "Texture"

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    Re: Program changes not recognised

    all ok..... I have re installed GS and the problem has vanished.

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