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Topic: Lost Devices

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    Lost Devices

    I just finished an orchestral piece and wanted to add some reverb - I pulled down "devices" but Garritan ambience is no longer there. I may have inadvertantly erased it while trying to get the still futile CMB to work. Can I reinstall the device without messing everything else up?

    (and to any who think I'm unhappy with the CMB or GPO let me say up front the problems are operator ignorance, not problems with the software.

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    Re: Lost Devices

    I had to delete and reinstall Ambience at one point and nothing went out of whack at all.

    Good luck!

    Reber Clark

    P.S. I know what you mean about "operator ignorance" - that's where I live!
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    Unhappy Re: Lost Devices (Ambience on Intel macs)

    Ambience is not available to me in Finale 2008. According to Make Music, this is because no version is available for Intel Macs. Is this omission being corrected? If so, when may a new version be expected? I miss it as I have always felt that it is much better than the built-in reverb facilities in Sibelius.

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    Re: Lost Devices

    Tom, are you able to use the convolution reverbs available in KP2 with Finale - that Is the software you're using, right? - You can get much more realistic results with convoluton than with the Ambience plugin.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Lost Devices (Ambience on Intel Macs)

    I am using the version of KP2 which is supplied with Finale 2008. I wouldn't actually know how to add reverb with it but, in fact, it almost certainly wouldn't work if I did. Apart from adding instruments, KP2 in Finale responds to absolutely nothing. It does not even display the levels while the music is playing. Nor does it display the processor usage. This is George (dgb24435) by the way, not Tom.

    George Bate

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