My favorite Piano Controller Kawai MP9500 became messed up last night. Not sure how this could've happened. I have only have the midi out of the Kawai plugged into the PC sound card (Midi in is not used, so no midi data should come back into the keyboard.

I was just playing like I normally do with cubase SX, and all I did was load up gigapulse vst into one of the slots, and suddenly my keyboard only player about one and a half octaves around middle C, all the other keys don't play. Even the ones that play are doubling up on notes (when I press C the octave up F also plays simulaneously). Not sure if my sequencer had anything to do with it or not, or was it just a coincidence. I first thought it was computer related than after testing found out, even with all the PC's turned off, and the keyboard playing along directly, the same problem persists.

I have turned off and on the piano, this does not fix anything. The keyboard currently is completely unusable. Wondering if a factory reset will fix it. I downloaded the v2.0 update from Kawai site. Still have not updated it, its just a midi file. This is the only way to reset this board, there is no reset switch. Before I do that I would like some opinions on how to go about fixing this. But what could've happened, very puzzled. Anybody know, any help. I Have not contacted Kawai yet. Its past warranty, I've had it for 4 years.