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Topic: Incorrect 1.1.8 installation?

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    Incorrect 1.1.8 installation?

    Hi there,

    Installed my old GPO CD-ROMs earlier tonight, then grabbed the 1.1.8 update and ran the .exe.

    According to the updated documentation, something weird happened. There are no 'dry' or 'wet audition' folders, just dry ones in score order, and then the old 'dry' and 'wet' folders from the original installation.

    Not sure what any of that means, or if I'm missing some of the nki's, or what. But clearly it didn't get installed the way it's supposed to. Ran the .exe again, but to no avail.

    Anybody with any know-how, know how this happened?


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    Re: Incorrect 1.1.8 installation?

    The 1.1.8 updater introduced 8 new instrument folders (plus a 9th notation folder, comprising yet another set of 8 folders, for Finale 2006 users) in addition to the old dry/wet folders, which were only kept for continuity reasons. It sounds like everything is, as it should be on your system.
    The wet instruments were ditched, because they are CPU hogs. They were only intended for auditioning, but many people used them in their mix and had problems with CPU overload.

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    Re: Incorrect 1.1.8 installation?

    Got it! Thanks, Nickie. I was confused because the updated documentation reflected a different folder structure than what was installed.

    Appreciate the reply.


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