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Topic: You might find this useful

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    You might find this useful

    A long time ago (in a galax...), I came across a neat piece of software which will build your MP3 collection into a structure ready for burning straight to CD complete with built in MP3 player. Great for creating a demo CD of your music for distribution.

    The company seems to have disappeared along with the download to the software so I've decided to make it available for anyone who might be interested.


    More info;

    MP3 CDOrganizer 1.4 is a Music Manager product from ranainside.com, MP3 CDOrganizer is a lightweight, but strong MP3 Organizer for windows. Essentially, MP3 CDOrganizer creates the proper directory structures and files that can be burned onto a CD, and auto-played at any Windows PC with a flexible Graphical Front-end.

    MP3 CDOrganizer also supports unlimited Albums, unlimited MP3s, unlimited slideshow images, so can very easily be used from Hard-drive as well.

    The license of this audio & mp3 software is Freeware, you can freely download and use this software.

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    Very cool, thanks! In a little while i'll dust off my windows box, fire it up to install that, and check it out.

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