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Topic: A little too much midi

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    A little too much midi

    A little too much midi

    Having a little MIDI problem.
    Using Giga with Logic and experiencing unwanted MIDI messages.
    Using a combination of Unitor and MOL,
    Logic loaded with no arrangements loaded and MIDI gets sent to ports 1&2 of all Gigas. Also the odd phantom MIDI note sent when Logic is stationary.
    Am I missing something in the Logic setup?

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    Re: A little too much midi

    Could your keyboard be sending anything. Try turning it off and see. Then start removing cables and adding them back in one by one. Kill the MOL temporarily as you hunt this down and see if it happens in physical MIDI. Or is it MOL only. Or is it both. Narrowing things down will help trace it for you.
    Good luck

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