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Topic: New Update at The Unheard Beethoven

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    New Update at The Unheard Beethoven

    After a delay of far too long, we have another update at The Unheard Beethoven with previously unrecorded and unpublished Beethoven works in MIDI and mp3 formats (the latter using GPO). Here's the complete list of the new works uncovered:


    And these are the ones that specifically use GPO in mp3 versions, in addition to the MIDI versions:

    Two Orchestral Fragments intended for The Creatures of Prometheus ballet op. 43

    Two more orchestral fragments, possibly intended for op. 43:

    Orchestral Fragment Biamonti 245

    Beginning of a rejected quartet movement intended as the Andante for op. 18 nr. 4:

    And the two most substantial discoveries,
    The Unfinished Concertante in D of 1802:

    Double Fugue in G for string quartet:

    Best regards,
    Mark Zimmer,
    Project Director
    The Unheard Beethoven

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    Re: New Update at The Unheard Beethoven

    Interesting stories came along with those links, but they aren't playable MP3's. Pity, I could only download the Midi.


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    Re: New Update at The Unheard Beethoven

    Even though the mp3 pages say "Download the MIDI" they are in fact mp3 files. Not all of the pages will have mp3 versions, though (I've listed the ones in the update that do).

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    Re: New Update at The Unheard Beethoven

    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt
    Even though the mp3 pages say "Download the MIDI" they are in fact mp3 files. Not all of the pages will have mp3 versions, though (I've listed the ones in the update that do).

    Good to hear from you again. You Unheard Beethoven site has become very well known. I am hearing about it in many different places.

    For those who may not have heard, here is an mp3 of one of your Unheard Beethoven pieces that Robert Davis did:


    If possible, it may be helpful if you could make some MIDI files available so other talented members of this community can try some mockups of these new-found works. Perhaps a mockup contest would be a challenge.

    You are doing such a great service. I hope many more works are uncovered.

    Keep up the great work!

    All my best,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: New Update at The Unheard Beethoven

    Thanks for the kind words, Gary. Actually, everything that we have on the site is available in MIDI format, so you can pretty well pick and choose.

    Here are some interesting items people may wish to try their hands at:

    Slow movement to an unfinished Symphony in E:

    First movement to an unfinished Symphony in C minor:

    Alternate ending to the second movement of Symphony No. 6:

    The second movement of the lost oboe concerto:

    The notorious Macbeth Overture:

    You prefer chamber music? Try these:
    Piano Trio in F minor Biamonti 637

    String Quartet movement in A (the "Brilliant" Quartet)

    The Violin Sonata Hess 46

    String Quintet WoO 62 (Introduction to first movement), the last thing Beethoven was working on when he died:

    For those wanting to try out the Marching Band samples, here's the first version of the March in F WoO 19:

    and here's a reconstruction of the lost Ecossaise WoO 23:

    There are now over 24 hours of unrecorded Beethoven music on the site, so there are plenty of opportunities to go wild!

    Oh, and that Barthoven mp3 is indeed a marvelous one. I played it as part of a lecture at a Beethoven conference in July and the musicologists there wanted to know what orchestra was performing it and where they could get a copy!!!


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