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Topic: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

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    Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Why not? Respighi made them about Rome. Why always Rome? The Hague is beautiful too and has many monuments of the glorious past and present.

    Don't expect from me a series about the Fountains in The Hague. There aren't any worth making some music on them. This piece is the first of four parts, each giving impressions of my home town.

    Imagine early in the morning, sun rises loud, a walk along the streets, monuments, palaces where our Royal Family lives, street noise, quiet avenues, filled with trees and flower beds. Carillon is playing from the tower of our Grote Kerk (Great Church), a early street musician, themes all over the place. Just a picture filled with condensed impressions of downtown.

    Symphonic Poem - part 1 (esnips) - best quality
    Symphonic Poem - part 1 (boxnet) - limited to 10 Mb, lower quality

    It is full GPO, it is direct from Overture playback with at ~6:50 minute an ugly loud contrabass (which I cannot repair and I don't know why!!!). Later I will submit all four to better rendering in Sonar. For now.... it is all I've got.

    Lower the volume knob of your monitors!!!!!!


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Great wonderful, Raymond!

    What a great composition and orchestrating! I like it very much!

    Raymond, I am looking forward to this work when you have finished it in Sonar, and also for the other three compositions.

    Well done my friend!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    A lovely piece of music and I am looking forward to the other movements.

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    Senior Member Leaf's Avatar
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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    A Great Symphonic Poem, Raymond! I listened to it earlier but was in the middle of something and could not post. Had to get back here and now listening again. It makes me want to visit Den Haag... but i actually i already wanted to do that.

    I was only in your country one time in Amsterdam, but only for a stopover on the way to Swizerland. Few things in life can be more fustrating than to be in Holland or The Netherlands but confined to the Airport and only there for a little over an hour. Always have wanted to go back for at least a ten day vacation.

    Anyway i love this piece particularly the brass and percussion, but also like the unusual effects dispersed about through the piece, such as the one that momentarily made me think my telephone was ringing.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Ray, this is by far the most interesting piece I've heard from you;
    certainly some of your best work.

    It's been many years since I've visited The Hague; but there are all
    sorts of musical references that bring back memories.

    Aside from all that, though -- this piece is just fascinating; surficially
    a pastiche, yet it holds together perfectly; excellent and balanced
    use of stylistic contrast; an almost Ivesian perspective -- and what
    I love most, an unabashed avalanche of musical risks that break the
    listener away from usual complacency... and demand that he listen.

    Keep walking this path, my friend.

    With applause,


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague


    That was quite a piece of music. It sounds like you really let loose with the wild side of your imagination.

    I think you're on to something here. I'll stay tuned for the next one.

    Last edited by fastlane; 09-13-2007 at 12:17 AM. Reason: adding something

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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Thank you all folks, Fastlane, etLux, Leaf, Rolifer and Germancomponist for the kind words. Playing back that piece I also thought my telephone was ringing, Leaf. I'll buy another phone. Or maybe Gary can make some nice phone samples?

    Just kidding. Now I am busy with the second part and setting up Sonar to get all this noice nicely put in an environment. Up to now I have over 250 Sonar tracks!!!!! One day I'll buy a Cray computer.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Raymond, great piece very very interesting to listen to - I'd love to see the score. There's some fantastic textures in this piece and the way you migrate between them all is very smooth.

    I can't wait for the next one

    Well done

    You can listen to my latest piece here -

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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Quote Originally Posted by KeviD
    Raymond, great piece very very interesting to listen to - I'd love to see the score. There's some fantastic textures in this piece and the way you migrate between them all is very smooth.

    I can't wait for the next one

    Well done

    The score is here for your convenience. It is unedited and some of the texts are in Dutch (sometimes double dutch).

    TheHague part 1

    The basic tonal is this chord:

    treble (mostly): from top to bottom f, d, b flat, a, g, f
    bass (mostly): from top to bottom d, a, d

    I also used a very old children song (traditional) of the victory of Piet Hein (marine admiral) over the Spanish Fleet (near the north of Scotland) - somewhere in the 17th century (I think). The first bar of that song is pictured in the basses sequence, but cut off before any recognition takes place.

    For the part with that piccolo solo (near the end) this was completely by accident. I made a wrong copy of some parts and the leading melody was placed there. After playback I decided to leave it there and amended the accompaniment.

    In Overture I have to find out how to make more "systems" to a page, but for now it is sufficient for "doing Sonar."

    OK, time to move on with the next part. Have fun.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague


    I knew you said you were working on some big works, but I didn't expect to be hearing some results so soon! How did you come up with this wonderful work so quickly?!

    wow - What a great landscape of rich musicality. I certainly understand the Ives reference on this thread.

    The free flowing impressionism of this piece is enthralling, and took me so by surprise at every turn.

    I am so impressed, Raymond. Hats off to you for this accomplishment, my friend. You must be having an exciting time of it as you work on this more in Sonar.

    Thank you!

    Randy B.

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