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Topic: K2 Does Not Work

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    K2 Does Not Work

    About the Kontakt 2 player, I downloaded the update from NI - going straight from the K1 version of JABB - and the Kontakt 2 player does not boot at all. I did a search here and found out how to get my K1 player to work again. I was getting an error message about the "patch being created by a newer version of Kontakt and to update".

    I saw another thread here that hinted that the intervening updates were necessary to get K2 to function. Is this true? If so, how can I get them? Only the 2.2.3 update is at NI.

    To recap, I downloaded the K2 update of JABB and it does not work at all, either as a plugin or standalone. When I click the JABB icon, it starts K1 every time. When I click the K2 icon - it does nothing.

    I will send this message to NI and to the Garitan help desk too.



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    Re: K2 Does Not Work


    We got your message and forwarded it to Native Instruments. Not sure why nothing happens when you click the Icon. You should hear from NI soon.



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    Re: K2 Does Not Work



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    Re: K2 Does Not Work

    Hi Gary,

    K2 still is not functional for me. NI USA has responded with the usual unhelpful helpdesk answer. I sent the exact email as above. The exchange:

    <<Hello Michael Greene,
    Thank you for contacting Native Instruments technical support.
    Native Instruments only handles the Registration Support for sample library
    products using the Kontakt Player 2 software.
    For technical questions about using your Kontakt Player 2 Library product, you will need to contact the support department for the developer of the library in question.
    Garritan: 360-376-5766 http://www.garritan.com/support.html
    Your NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Support Team, Jason Emsley>>

    I responded that the answer was useless because NI hosts the updates - not Garritan. The reply:

    <<Hello mgreene@surfbest.net,
    As mentioned in the previous email, we do not support issues with the Kontakt 2 Player. Garritan is contractually bound to take care of you.
    Again, the contact information is: Garritan: 360-376-5766 http://www.garritan.com/support.html Your NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Support Team, Jason Emsley>>

    I responded again that their response is illogical because NI took down the previous update that held the files that make the update work, the nki files, according to this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie Fønshauge
    Exactly the same. The 2.2.2 update has the JABB KP2 .nki files, 2.2.3 doesn't.
    If NI pig headedly refuses to repost the 2.0 - 2.2.2 update files, can you make them available? (I am asuming that I really only need the 2.2.2 file.) I am pretty sure that I am not the only one in this predicament.



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