Well, it will take more than a sale of .36 cents to get to platinum! I was in stitches to see "Still Porchin" actually made .36 cents on Napster. I'm going to start writing my acceptance speech. I figure by the time my CD makes it to Platinum I'll be too old to write my name yet alone an acceptance speech.
Go something like this;
I would like to thank my teachers for giving me the knowledge not to write seriously and to stay away from styles like Back, Beethoven, Mozart and the rest for fear of messing up classical altogether. Also, me mom ... who said to me once, "Son! Get the hell away from my piano!" I would also like to thank my oldest brother for hiding his drums from me and saying, “what, that was the TV”. My second oldest brother for taking time out just to take time out from taking time out. And my twin brother who is still playing and writing music but has changed his name and looks for fear of retribution from (if any) fans.
Also, my producer ... who has last been seen leaving the country! And finally, God, for letting me go and leaving me be who I am and not what I should have been.
Thank you all and have a happy!
Now back to your regular irregular movement. Hey, this reminds me. Does the bowel movement come before the first or after the last? :