Hey Everyone,

I'm having a bit of a bad a day here. I have 2 intel i-Macs in one of my studios. Both have Digital Performer 5.12 installed as well as the newest version of Kontakt Player 2.

Here's my problem. When I start a new tune and try to set up an instrument track, my Native Instrument plug-ins are available. But when I insert the track, the plug-in itself does not show up. Meaning that I have no way to assign patches and what-not. This is happening for all my NI stuff, as well as Crystal Synth. The native MOTU plug-ins (bassline, polysythn, etc) all show up fine.

I searched the forum and saw DP Dan's remarks to this thread:

So, I thought maybe I didn't have the Audio Units version installed. I re-installed (without uninstalling the first installation, could this be the problem?), trashed the "audio unit info cache", rebooted DP5, set up an instrument track and got zilch!!!

I really need to get this up and running because I have students who have senior recitals coming up and they need to get projects done.

I would really appreciate any ideas or help on this. I've literally been fighting this problem for 2 days now. I'm out of ideas.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help,
Jonny (blasted thing!!) Lost