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Topic: Midi Playback Issue with GPO and ProTools

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    Midi Playback Issue with GPO and ProTools

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm hoping that someone has a solution for this one. This problem has popped up in the past, but then mysteriously dissapeared again after a computer restart... this time, however, it just keeps hanging on...

    In a nutshell, the GPO works fine while playing live (i.e. playing the attached MIDI controller keyboard), however, when you play back a previously recorded MIDI track, the GPO only plays back very staccato notes. I belive what is happening is that the MIDI note ON data triggers the samples in the GPO, but then on the very next clock tick, the sample stops playing. There is no perceived audio difference between, say, a 1/64 note and a whole note.

    Now, the sustain pedal works correctly... so if I were to hit a note and use the sustain pedal, there is no difference between the "live" performance and the MIDI playback. This only affects notes that are sustained by holding down the keys on the keyboard.

    There are NO midi filters on, and I've confirmed the MIDI data so there is essentially no difference in the physical DATA between recording and playback. Everything is in there.

    I'm running GPO with Version 2.0 of the Library on ProTools 6.4.1 (Mix+ System) with OSX 10.3.9.

    I have a short sound file of the difference between the live preformance and MIDI playback if it would help anyone, but it pretty much sounds exactly as I've described above.

    Any help anyone can offer would be greatly apprecitated since I'm dead in the water here...

    Greg Steiner


    NOTE: This issue has been resolved. As it turns out, the problem was MIDI ghost note doubling. Every note had a 2nd note-on at exactly the same time. Digidesign made the suggestion to look for them and sure enough they were there. Looks like it was some issue with our MIDI controller keyboard. We reset it to factory defaults and the problem went away.
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