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Topic: SOV + VP -> Contents Lists?

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    Question SOV + VP -> Contents Lists?

    I'm considering purchasing both the Symphony of Voices and the Vocal Planet collections, but first wanted to find out how I could get a detailed list of ALL the different samples contained in each.

    Before I commit to a workflow of samples vs. a real choir, or a particular combination of both, I need to study (for both SOV and VP) exactly which vowel and exactly which consonant sounds each collection includes, and in precisely which groupings (mixed; separate male/female ensembles; children's choirs; solo voices vs. small groups vs. full choirs; all that).

    The kind of list I'm looking for would have entries such as:
    Male Choir Ooo
    Female Choir Ahh
    Mixed Choir Mmm
    Boys Choir Ooo
    Childrens Choir Eee
    Male Solo Doo
    Female Small Group Wah

    What I'm mainly needing to quantify are the samples which can be used as software instruments, rather than specific phrases or loops.

    I'm assuming that such lists must exist, either as text files or PDFs, but can't find them anywhere on the Spectrasonics site or elsewhere. The online demos give a rough idea as to some of the possible sounds, but not in the sample-by-sample way a basic list could illustrate.

    If anyone knows where I could get this info, it would be a tremendous help to the projects with which I'm now involved, and I'd be extremely grateful.

    Thanks very much for your time,

    John Bertram

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    Re: SOV + VP -> Contents Lists?

    Should have everything in your list, with the exception of "Wah"

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    Thumbs up Re: SOV + VP -> Contents Lists?

    Exactly what I needed. THANK YOU!

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    Re: SOV + VP -> Contents Lists?

    Quote Originally Posted by John Bertram
    I'm considering purchasing both the Symphony of Voices and the Vocal Planet collections,
    Do it!! It's probably one of the best purchases in my little studio.

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    Re: SOV + VP -> Contents Lists?

    SOV is absolutely great - you can even make it better by editing the articulations. A lot of the samples have long attacks and decays. If you change that you will have more control over them in your sequencer.

    Check out my track Riding Out At Dawn (PeterRoos.com) where I combine them with VOTA.

    Back in 2000, when I was still working with a single PC running Cakewalk and Giga I also used SOV for the track Pilgrimage to Assisi. I'd love to re-do this track, because the strings I used (AO) had this terrible njap njap attack sound. The female solo voice was created with three solo samples from SOV. All the other voices are also from SOV.

    Thanks you so much Eric for your passion and your great products!

    God bless,

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