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Topic: New works

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    New works

    Please enjoy these renditions of various charts:

    Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, Movement I-III (IV in progress)


    Sibelius: The Swan of Tuonela


    Copland: Saturday Night Waltz from "Rodeo"


    Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man


    I upgraded to Finale 2008, and it is like a whole new instrument. So I've been in the practice room. Everything is getting a new look, so it'll be awhile before I get the next thing out...I think of this as a junior recital. My learning curve is steep. I'll thank you all in advance for the feedback that has been thus far right on, every time.

    Jason Stewart

    P.S. These last three charts come from the soundtrack of the South Park movie. I set them for brass quintet and marimba.


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    Re: New works

    Hi Jason, some excellent work on these. I particularly liked the South park stuff . You are making the samples sound extremely realistic in places, but I found the overall sound to be a bit dry for my tastes. Some convolution reverb applied in different amounts to the different instrument sections would make a world of difference here. i.e more reverb on those at the back of the orchestra such as brass and percussion.

    Great work, keep it coming

    You can listen to my latest piece here -

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    Thumbs up Re: New works

    I visited your thread last night and was intrigued by your offerings, but couldn't click on your links because i was downloading something that would mess up if you did anything. So glad i came back to this thread, this is some good stuff! I'm listening to the second one right now and love what i have heard so far from the first one and this. Will get to listen to 3 and the others later this evening. Thanks for posting.


    edit: add PS: beautiful work with the strings!!

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    Re: New works

    A massive amount of work, here, Jason!

    I didn't have time to listen through every piece in its entirety;
    but I've been slowly listening to sections of each and every
    one over the last day or so.

    Jason, rendering well with Finale 2008 -- what I use, myself
    -- is something of an art in its own right... lol. I'm very well
    familiar with the challenges of it.

    I must say, you're achieving excellent results! Keep doing
    what you're doing.

    My best,


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    Re: New works

    I agree with Kevid. This is excellent in its realism and such, but it seems as though the brass, for exampl, in Fanfare for the Common Man, is very dry. When it cuts off on notes its like the bottom just drops out. And for me thats a turn off to my ears. Not to say its bad. That's a very easy fix. lol. Anyway, great work, and I look foward to hearing more.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

    My demos:

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    Re: New works

    I had already heard for first two movements of Scheherezade, but I have now listened to most of this - all very good. A lot of work.

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    Re: New works

    Wow, Jason - I've been waiting to see more posts from you--Now this one has SO much on it. I think sprinkling them out one piece at a time could give everything a better chance of being heard - There's just more than we can listen to at a time. NICE to have more to come back to though!

    I listened to Scheherazade movement three, since I was especially interested to hear the continuation of what you've posted before - movement one was your debut here.

    It's another wonderful labor of love, very vibrant results.

    And there seems to be a Scheherazade convention going on here - Have you noticed Gary Bric's post of the same piece? That's an unusual occurrence, to have two people posting the same material. Take a listen to his if you haven't, very interesting how different the results are.

    Thanks for ALL this music, wow!

    Randy B.

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