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    I'm just wondering if Garritan's samples are copyright free. Can I use them in commercial work, or will I have to clear them first?

    Thanks, John
    Stop analyzing; just compose the damn thing!

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    Re: Question

    The samples themselves are copyrighted, but in buying them you get a license to use them in commercial work. You just can't repackage them and make your own sample library.

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    Dan Powers

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    Re: Question

    Thanks Dan for clarifying. Most film music libraries will only accept tracks with royalty free samples.

    Best. John
    Stop analyzing; just compose the damn thing!

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    Re: Question

    "Stop analyzing; just compose the damn thing!"

    You have been reading my mind! That really is a profound comment, but don't analyze it!


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    Re: Question

    We’ll leave the analyzing to our psychotherapists.

    Stop analyzing; just compose the damn thing!

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