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Topic: rmx- timing chaos not captured in midi file???

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    rmx- timing chaos not captured in midi file???

    can someone confirm this

    i thought only pitch, reverse and buzz cant be captured through midi dnd to host. these can easily be edited later

    this totally sucks

    just bought rmx this week. i needed this feature and was willing to pay $300 for this specefic feature.

    i assign edit and lock the downbeat and backbeat(kick/snare) and wanted chaos designer "brain" to groove along my locked drums and humanize/ create (mpc like) grooves. i wanted drag and drop alot of bars of midi data where i can pick and choose the midi bars to my liking in my host. add hihat, conga, toms, stabs... every drumloops to randomize/ timing for hip hop/r&b grooves/songs.

    no, not pattern/repeat to randomize the slices in order but the timing, push and pull of the slices in midi data. i wanted that feature

    i am very good at slip editing chromatic ,rex file editing. i have recycle, dr rex, fl slicer and phatmatic pro, and know the huge advantage and experience of rex/slice editing compared to straight machinelike midi note editing. i only use rex files editing on all my songs fo years. min. 10 rex tracks at a time all routed to each mixer channel.

    this was 1 option i wanted

    NO I DONT WANT BOUNCED AUDIO FILE, i wanted in midi data to edit further and groove quantize to other midi tracks and more editing

    i talked to spectronics on the phone before i purchased it he stated i can capture the timing of the rex/rmx file to midi in my host

    even the videos/tutorials state only reverse,pitch and buzz is not captured

    i never should of bought a expensive software without a demo and reading the manuel. i couldnt there wasnt one

    can someone please confirm this

    this blows

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    Re: rmx- timing chaos not captured in midi file???

    Firstly, I'm sorry you're dissapointed and that someone gave you the wrong info on that particular feature prior to your purchase. As the manual state, that's correct that chaos timing info is currently not captured in the MIDI file...there were some technical limitations that made it very difficult to do this.

    It's been on the list of things we'd certainly like to do in the future, but there's no announced schedule or guarantees that this particular feature will be implemented.

    So please feel free to return RMX if this is the only feature that you needed on this instrument. We'd be happy to arrange a return for you if you contact us.

    However, that would be a shame, because you'd be missing out on all the other amazing things that RMX does and all the awesome things we have in the works for it.

    Hope that's helpful.


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    Re: rmx- timing chaos not captured in midi file???

    thank you

    ill email/call spectrasonics monday

    slip editing rex files in the midi editor routed to each mixer channel is where i am at 90% of the time.

    thank you

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