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Topic: "Chase the Sunrise"

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    "Chase the Sunrise"

    Hi all
    I'd like to share my latest composition with you. This is the first mix of the piece.

    I hope you like it


    I have made it the first track so that it is easy to find

    Thank you

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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    A major undertaking, Paul; and well done in the writing,
    with an abundance of rich melodic material and moving
    harmonic work. Bringing in the vocal line later in the
    piece was well timed, well managed, and very effective.
    Nice work on this!

    I'll be looking forward to how you do with later mixes of
    this. There's much potential to be realized within this
    music as you work further with refining dynamics and
    tempi and other factors.

    My best,


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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    Like David, I think there's a lot of potential here! It needs refinement though.


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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    Thank you for your comments .... that is encouraging

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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    This is really great to see you hear again, Paul. Your music is always so interesting - and this piece is the most interesting yet.

    I detect some perplexity on this thread so far, like we're not quite sure what's going to happen with this big, complex piece. I find myself a bit at a loss, there's so much interesting energy in your latest, and I too wanted the realization of it to be more supportive of your work here and there.

    But the main point for me really is that I enjoyed sitting back with my eyes closed and letting this happen.

    As the thread grows, remember how easy it can be for someone to say that something needs work. I suggest you satisfy yourself as much as possible with this, and That will be how much more work needed doing.

    Thanks for this!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    Hi Randy
    Thank you for your comments. As always they are direct, constructive and honest.

    I agreed that this needed more work, but I was quite excited with the piece and couldn't wait to post it lol.

    I have been making refinements to timing and dynamics but I am also aware that too much emphasis on the finer points of the delivery, may result in a loss of the whole point of it ... the music. I just hope I can find a balance.

    Thank you for sitting back with your eyes closed. I have listened to this many times in the same manner. It opens up a whole different realisation of the piece. It really is the best way to listen to any music.

    Hopefully I will be able to a new mix within the next few days.

    Thank you once again.

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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    Very interesting, much that is very rich, also really liked the addition of the vocalist later in the piece, will also be curious how you continue to develop the piece.


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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    Hi all

    I have made a new mix of Chase the Sunrise and put it on http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/stutty

    It is the first track that will play ... the original mix is the second track ... i have left it there for comparison.

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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"

    I enjoyed the song and it has many good moments in it. I hate to belabor the points already made and agreed upon by yourself, but this could be a GREAT piece of music with some massaging of the dynamics of each instrument. Well done!
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    Re: "Chase the Sunrise"


    Good melodic content and nice support from your orchestral instrument choices. I would agree with the others that a little refinement will really enhance this composition.

    Waiting to hear some future mixes.

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