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Topic: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

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    Lightbulb Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    Here is a small, short, piano piece I recently finished. I used the Steinway B with 1st & 2nd violin, viola & chello. Comments appreciated. Enjoy!

    Jaker "Shaver"

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    "A wrong note played timidly, is still a wrong note. A wrong note played with authority, is improvisation."

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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    Beautifully written and performed with wonderful expression!
    I enjoyed every second of it! Thank you!


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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    Very nice! I enjoyed your well-written music. I hope that you have many more opuses.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    I really enjoyed this. Great sound you've got there with some superbly realistic sounding strings.

    As Larry said, I look forward to hearing more.

    You can listen to my latest piece here -

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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    Very well done. Nice composition and rendering. Thanks for posting

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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    John, this is beautiful work... the writing, the orchestration,
    the production -- all come together for undoubtedly some
    of the finest material I've heard from you.

    This is a gentle piece, and the subtle, soft-spoken works
    rarely get as much notice as they might; but you've well
    hit the mark with this one...

    My best,


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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    Good morning, Jaker

    I've been enjoying everything you've come by to share here, and you music has never been more wonderful than in your "Opus 33."

    You've described it on your SoundClick page as "very somber," and that it is. But it isn't anywhere near "morbid" as some self-consciously "serious" pieces can be, and it feels sincere and unpretentious. Through the structure's simple classicism, a beautifully melancholic piece emerges.

    And, echoing what others have said here, it's certainly nicely recorded. No technically questionable moments to distract from the composition.

    Excellent work - I'm very glad I clicked on "play."

    Randy B.

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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    Nice, with a very pleasing sound from the instruments. I like the repeated notes and the expectation they cause, and I enjoyed the bass-heavy ending on the strings.

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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    I think you developed an idea very well. The 'B' section was a very nice transition. It seems to fall together very well.

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    Re: Opus 33 (For Piano and Strings)

    thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you found my piece enjoyable!

    I have listened to, and enjoyed a number of your compositions that you have been so gracious enough to share with us here. I personally think you are among the many gifted composers here at NS and, your way of musical expression is done in such a way that it really gives inspiration. And, to answer your question...I do have several more "Opuses" and other compositions in the works. Just trying to find the time to finish another. Thank you for your humbling comments, I'm very glad you also enjoyed my composition.

    I have been listening to ALOT of wonderful compositions here at NS and reading the many threads, posts and tutorials on using the mod wheel, attack and other techniques to get the most "realistic" sounding strings possible. It's really only because of the great composers and musicians here, and through ALOT of experimentation, that I managed to get a pleasing sound from the strings. Many, Many thanks to all who have supplied info. and tutorials and, if anyone has not visited the tutorial section here on the forums, I HIGHLY recommend you do, because there is so much wonderful information there. Thank you Kev.

    Thanks for listening and glad you enjoyed my composition!

    I agree that many of the more subtle, softer compositions tend to not get as much exposure as they perhaps should but, it goes without saying that, my composition wouldn't be possible without the many many "other" softer works that WERE noticed, and greatly appreciated. I by no means, have begun to master GPO and all the composing fundamentals but, I'm learning alot, thanks to NS and this forum filled with so many talanted people such as yourself. Thanks for listening!

    I'm happy that you did click "play" and got the chance to hear my Opus. I really don't know why I decided to call it that, I just liked the sound of "saying" Opus...hahaha.

    But seriously, I tired to emulate the emotion's I wanted to convey as closely as I could through the instruments, to keep it feeling as genuine as possible. The structure of the composition was important to me, but, getting the right "feel", that took alot of tweaking, manipulating and re-working each section, until it sounded "right" to me. I wanted to keep the rendering as simple as possible, without cluttering the mix and making it sound unnatural. I only used the subtle reverb for each section, adding or subtracting the ammount as the piece progressed. I'm really glad my efforts shone through in the final rendering. Thanks so much for your kind words Randy.

    I didn't want the music to have that "repetative" sound throught the piece so I tried using variations in notes, lengths, and attack to keep the ear pleased without loosing the overall feel of the composition. The basic melody of the piece flowed easily for the piano but, the structure of the strings, I wanted to layer enough that they blended well, but each section could still be distinguishable to the ear. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Wow...I guess I didn't really expect such a great response to this Opus but, everyone's input has most definately put a smile on my face, along with inspiration in my heart. Thanks again everyone!

    Jaker "Shaver"
    "A wrong note played timidly, is still a wrong note. A wrong note played with authority, is improvisation."

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