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Topic: Art Vista Grand and Sibelius 5

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    Art Vista Grand and Sibelius 5


    I have had alot of fun playing with Sibelius 5 and the Art Vista Grand the last few days. However, I've tried to implement the sustain pedal sounds into my works, but with no luck at all. You see, the sustain pedal sounds are mapped to middle C and altered by dynamics. But how do I get the pedal markings in Sibelius 5 to play back this? And I mustn't fail to mention that the pedal sounds are loaded as a separate library. You must herefore load both the actual piano sound AND the pedal sound.

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    Re: Art Vista Grand and Sibelius 5


    There will be a new version of VGP available as a free download for registered users within the next month. It will include pedal sounds triggered by the sustain pedal - something that was not possible with the Kontakt 1.5 engine VGP1 was based on. To trigger the sustain pedal sounds in version 1, you must play them from the keyboard's middle C.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions
    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Art Vista Grand and Sibelius 5

    Thank you for your answer. I'm really looking forward to the update!

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