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Topic: question about effect ryhtme

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    question about effect ryhtme

    hi everybody

    i dont know if is it the good forum, but, i want know how is realised this of ryhtmic effect.

    listen 2 exemple

    im mean little rythmic stereo behind music

    i work with Logic 7.0 (exs24 etc,,)

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    Re: question about effect ryhtme

    The first clip may be using a fast Slicer effect, but the sample is not long enough for me to determine exactly how or what.

    The second clip sounds as if there's two-stage delay process. First the music is processed with a quick triplet like delay, which is then procesed (resampled?) through another slower (double-tap?) delay.

    Of course, both samples are filtered high to get the percussive sound.

    At least, that's what 10 seconds of hearing tells me. Now, I have to go get ready to see my son's football game!

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