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Topic: 3rd party Impulses sound same in every reverb?

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    3rd party Impulses sound same in every reverb?

    I'm looking at "Hall of Fame" Impulse Responses which brings up a question to which I don't know the answer:
    Will these impulses (or any impulse) sound the same quality though it is used by different reverb software? Same quality and sound in Altverb as Wizoo or WAVES IR? I have WAVES IR and think the reverb sound could stand some improvement. Is this a case of the reverb software or the impulses that the software uses? Therefore, loading better impulses lends to better reverb sounds? Has anyone tried "Hall of Fame"? Other recommendations? (I know there is a Reverb/Impulse section on this forum, but it doesn't seem to work so I'm posting here for now.) Thanks.

    Halls of Fame: http://www.~~~~~~~~~~~~.com/product....oductid=BS-406

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    Re: 3rd party Impulses sound same in every reverb?

    Well, never really did a test, but I am pretty sure that this will not be the case - as there is a mix stage which is on most cases not transparent. and there most likely are also differences in the convolution engine itself.

    I think it is highly unlikely and I would be more than surprised ....

    e.g. in a test on Bias Peak 5 the testers (German Keyboards Mag) wrote that the IR reverb in Peak was not as good/clear sounding as Space Designer ....


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