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Topic: MXOSAURUS 'Kit A' Virtual Drums / Soloing the 'Standard Kit'

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    MIXOSAURUS 'Kit A' Virtual Drums / Soloing the 'Standard Kit'

    Here's a piece (< link) I did with MIXOSAURUS 'Kit A' Drums ('Standard Kit'), primarily conceived as an illustrative demo, but hopefully with some abstract musical interest as well.

    It's recorded with the 'stereo out'-version of the MXS 'Standard Kit' — MXS also has multi-channel version of all its kits — and there's no extra processing whatsoever, apart from some very subtle dynamics control (EMI/Chandler TG12416 and Sonnox Limiter) and a hint of EQ at Logic's master output (the Sonalksis DQ1 taming the 200hz-300hz range a bit). In other words, this is more or less how MXS sounds out-of-the-box — well, one if its kits, at least. The reverb is part of the MXS-package as well and, believe me, you couldn't wish for a nicer sounding drum reverb than the included TELDEX Chamber Reverb. Magic, I think.

    Also, as MXS doesn't include any sampled phrases, rolls, fills or whatever : *every* single hit in this piece was programmed — with only a keyboard and Logic's Matrix Editor — including the cymbal roll towards the end, which was created with MXS' dedicated 'roll building bricks'-samples (these rolls can be as long or as short as you want them to be and can have any dynamic envelope that you desire).
    The solo hi-hat bit (somewhere in the middle of the piece) demonstrates one of MXS's more ingenious features: you can control the 'state' of the hi-hat (from completely, tightly shut to very loose and open) with the modulation wheel. Very, very impressive, I believe. (Also listen for the wonderful pitch-change in that hi-hat: it slightly and subtly raises as the hi-hat closes more tightly.)

    Another spectacular asset of MXS is its stereo PZM-layer (an extra layer of samples for every instrument, heavily processed with high-end tube gear) which is described in the manual as the layer with which to add that 'expensive air' (and more width as well) to the drums and that is exactly what it does.

    One technical thing that might be useful to know is the fact that I did this demo with the MXS-harddrive connected to a FW400 bus, even though FW800 is the recommended (and indeed more wise) choice. While FW400 won't allow you to use MXS to its fullest extent, it definitely allows for some serious work, as this demo testifies.

    I haven't spent all that much time with MXS yet (just a couple of days, in fact) — which is also why I can't or won't make this a proper, full-blown review just yet — but even so, I already know that these are without a doubt the finest, richest, deepest and most glorious sounding sampled drums currently available. I own quite a few other highly acclaimed drum libraries as well, but MXS immediately shot to the nr. 1 spot in my list of favourite virtual drums.
    The only thing — and this really is the *only* thing — that might be considered a drawback, is MXS's gigantic size, which inevitably makes for rather long loading times, but given the quality of what awaits you once the instruments are loaded, I think these long waits are entirely justified.

    Once this piece was ready, I sent it to MIXOSAURUS along with the midi-data, and they kindly rendered it with three other MXS-kits. So here's the very same piece, but each time using a different MXS kit:

    MXS 'Vintage Kit'
    MXS 'Lite Kit'
    MXS 'Hyped Standard Kit' (the 'Rosanna'-kit)

    Thanks for listening!


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    Re: MXOSAURUS 'Kit A' Virtual Drums / Soloing the 'Standard Kit'

    Sounds great!
    Like I always say, its all about dynamic.
    You can't have enough velocities.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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