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Topic: Question to SONAR users

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    Question to SONAR users

    I'm thinking of buying Sonar (time to change from old Logic 5), tried demo and I like it, but still have two questions to experienced Sonar users:

    1. Can I bounce/audio mixdown on given position? I mean, for example I will make project 20 minutes long but I'll want to bounce only fragment between 2:50 - 7:20. How you stuff like this in Sonar?

    2. Zoom in/out on cursor or "now time". Is it possible, and if so, how,
    to make stable zoom, ie "now time" line/cursor stays in the middle of a screen and zoom is working proportionally (like in Fairlight). I've tried different settings in demo, but "now time" is always running sideways, and I need manually scroll to it.
    Is it possible to zoom elegantly without these side effects?

    thanks for answers

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    Re: Question to SONAR users

    Yes, you can mark a time segment and limit the tracks that contribute. Or limit by bus or output channel.

    If you're talking zooming to edit audio data, I think that's Sonar's weakest feature. I pop out to Sound Forge to do destructive edits. But zooming to manipulate automation envelopes is a fav for me. There are plus and minus buttons in the lower right-hand corner of the track window as well as a slider you can drag. If you're talking zooming to edit midi data in the piano roll window... works well enough for me.

    But you might want to hold off... Sonar 7's just been announced. Due in about a month or so. I think they're timing release to coinside with an ethernet mixing board from Roland.


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