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Topic: Some new music...

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    Red face Some new music...

    Hey everyone!
    Once again, I am attemping to learn this nostalgic Amaricana/Copland type music. It's driving me crazy! I keep getting lost. But something within is pushing me to learn this. I've posted my horrid attempt here:


    Am I trying too hard you think?

    It's called, The Dreamer. Which, if you heard the last The Dreamer attempt--this is totally different. I'm trying to add more tension/anticipation in my lower note choices ( as someone mentioned before and thank you), but I am having a difficult time. Any help would be great. Plus, I am writing two songs at once. This and The Water Fay Suite. So, my brain is moooosh.

    And thank you all once again for helping me with my earlier attempt ( One Man, One Life ). I can't belive the reviews I've recieved. I think that song is flat out horrible!

    Take care all,
    "Imagination is nostalgia for the past, the absent; it is the liquid solution in which art develops the snapshot of reality.
    ~ Cyril Connolly"

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    Re: Some new music...

    When you get lost, just put it aside for a while. Go out for a walk. Listen to somebody else's music or don't listen (=better) to any music. Empty your brain, read a novel. But please don't think of how to make it happen. It doesn't on purpose. Keep this in a save place and work with/on something else. Whatever you do, don't force it to be succesful. This won't work.

    After a while you wil get that inspirational thought which changes everything. And then off you go with fire, thunder and ridiculous speed finishing this one.

    If you knew the amount of my (for now) useless sketches.... you can fire up your barbecue ten times with all paper notes. I myself composed that [first part] Symphonic Poem of The Hague in a couple of days and decided that it wasn't worth posting it on the board, until I took it again in front of me and decided to mix up the sequence of phrases completely, adding some extra effects. I was stuck too, you know until I ,so to speak, "bumbed my head against the wall".

    I am not advicing you to run into a wall or something, but don't force inspiration. Inspiration comes and goes.

    Another thing is: let loose all you know about musical sequences, tonal systems, orchestration, chord progressions..... and try to imagine what you should do if you have the capability to play all instruments in an orchestra at virtuoso level at the same time.

    Invent in your brain new dynamics, like "Hit them hard" "Caress this drum" "play this phrase softly", "go for it, now you have the change" or anything stupid, like your emotions in real life. In real life you never tell anybody that your feel today a bit "Cantabile" . They will lock you up in an asylum. Etc.....

    About the piece. It is without any emotion. Rework this, there are elements worth working out. But let loose all constraints we all normally have and it will become firework or a ballad. I hope you don't take this too hard, it is all well meant. Never trying is always bad!!!


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    Re: Some new music...

    Hey, good morning Raymond!
    Yeah, I totally agree. I took a break from it and came back. This one will go on the "to do" list. No more writing music late at night and with no sleep.

    I've never thought of inspiration as something that comes and goes. I have always tried to force music out of myself. Well, not always, but most of the time... So, what you've said is very good advice that I will try and follow.

    Thank you very much for the input! I would have been fighting this song forever!! I knew there was something wrong about it. It just didn't feel right.

    I also like what you're saying about forgetting all I know about chord progressions, etc. That is a very good idea. I think I need to chill out a little. Okay, maybe a lot.

    "Imagination is nostalgia for the past, the absent; it is the liquid solution in which art develops the snapshot of reality.
    ~ Cyril Connolly"

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    Re: Some new music...

    The orchestration is very Coplan-esque. This would be a great introduction, but by itself it seems to be leading up to something more that isn't there yet. I really like your use of instruments.

    --gary shannon

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    Re: Some new music...

    Hey Gary,
    Yeah, it's still in the works. No where near complete. I was going to try and build it up to something, but I think I am fighting with this one too much. I've backed it up though. Maybe I will hear it later and think of something to do.

    I think I am just trying to find a style that I like besides the fairy tale type of stuff I am used to writing. It's pretty tough when you get stuck writing one type of music. I want to do something new...

    "Imagination is nostalgia for the past, the absent; it is the liquid solution in which art develops the snapshot of reality.
    ~ Cyril Connolly"

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    Re: Some new music...

    Stopped by to listen, Philip; but looks like you have the link removed.

    Sorry I missed it!



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