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Topic: making an .mp3 sound file

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    making an .mp3 sound file

    guys , i use a MAC pro quad with 9GB RAM and various drives that add up to 2.5 terabytes. thing is 2 months old and just about empty - only has tiger, iTunes, dashboard, safari, and whatever dsl software necessary.
    now i have installed via dvd the finele2008.
    i have a very short piano piece of mine i am testing with, and i have it in the .mus notation file. how can i get it to save as an .mp3 file?
    there is a special save in the file menu that talks about saving as .aiff or as .wav.
    can anyone walk me through this? with an .mp3 file, i could download to a cd or dvd and other people could play it via iTunes easily.
    thank you very much to all of you for your opinions and suggestions

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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    I use Audacity and/or Reaper in Windows, but Googling "apple mp3 convert" came up with loads of programs e.g. http://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.h...ref2=c24mp3mac

    Also Reaper, which does a terrific job of audio editing and conversion, is supposed to be released soon for the Mac, and it's a freebie.

    --gary shannon

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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    Yes what he said,

    plus go ahead and save as a aif or wav, then convert it to mp3 using the ones he mentions or save as aif and convert it using iTunes.

    In iTunes,
    Click the menu at top that says "iTunes"
    Click Preferences
    Click Advanced
    In Advanced click the tab that says "Importing"
    Then where it says "Import Using" choose "MP3 encoder"

    and on settings choose the highest quality if don't mnd the file sizes being a bit larger than the other setting would give.

    Then click OK

    Now click the "File" menu at top
    then click "Import" and it will open a browser for your to go to the location of your new aif you made from the .mus.
    When you click on it it will start playing in iTunes.

    While it is playing (or at least when it is highlighted) use the "Advanced" dropdown menu to click on "Convert selection to mp3."

    It will appear right under the aif, and you will be able to find it in your iTunes folder.

    While it is in iTunes playng or highlighted, you can click on any of the information of the file to edit it, the name, the artist, genre, etc.,
    (what info you see depends on what you have set to view in View>View Options)


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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    Hello, hermanding

    Wow! -That's quite a set up you have there!

    "...there is a special save in the file menu that talks about saving as .aiff or as .wav.
    can anyone walk me through this? with an .mp3 file, i could download to a cd or dvd and other people could play it via iTunes easily..."

    You want to save the master copy of your music as a .wav file, and then ideally, you would master it in a powerful program like Sound Forge.

    The .wav file can then be used directly to make as a CD or DVD like you're talking about. For an audio CD, the data is automatically translated into a .ca format - all CD burning programs do that with .wav files.

    For an MP3, you would do that in a program that does conversions from .wav to the MP3 format, and there are tons of utilities that do that. I use a Cakewalk program with that function.

    The point is, you want as high quality a master file as possible. That's your archive reference version. Then you can make your lesser quality MP3 copies from that. You don't want to save your work only as an MP3. That would be like only keeping a 2nd or 3rd generation photocopy of a great hand drawn illustration, throwing away the original.

    Randy B.

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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    Just save it as an aiff and drag it into iTunes. In the Advanced menu you can convert it to an mp3. You can then see if it's a decent enough file for your ears.

    There is a bit of extra conversion with a wav file on the Mac so I think it's best to use aiff files when possible.


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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    Thanks for the assist, Phil!

    I managed to be totally unresponsive to what hermanding said about being on a Mac. I tend to forget there's this strange band of humanoids from a deep, dark dimension where AIFF files are used instead of WAV files. I launched into my "Don't save to MP3" sermon so quickly that I instantly forgot we weren't talking about .wavs.

    OOOh well,---Hey, hermanding - Do what Phil said. He's right!

    Randy B.

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    Smile Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    thanks all for invaluable help.
    Phil - one thing that does not happen for us when we are in iTunes advanced, and drag the aif into iTunes - we see nothing happen. we have the latest version of iTunes we know of from updates that automatically come to us over the web. any specific library that should be open for it to be dragged into?

    David, am going to try your suggestions too.
    thanks again to all of you from another of us UNUSUAL and uninformed Mac users.

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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    Quote Originally Posted by fiziwig
    Also Reaper [...is] a freebie.

    --gary shannon
    This is something I see mentioned a lot, and I think it's important to distinguish that the program can be evaluated for free, but you really should purchase a license.

    From their site:
    REAPER is available for download without technological limitations for evaluation purposes. Once you have evaluated REAPER, you should purchase a license:
    Purchase non-commerial license for $39.95 USD plus tax (via RegNow)
    Purchase commerial license for $199.95 USD plus tax (via RegNow)

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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    Yes, I should have made that distinction. Personally, as a retired software engineer, I strongly believe in doing the honorable thing and registering my "freebie" shareware software once I've decided that it's something I will actually use.

    --gary shannon

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    Re: making an .mp3 sound file

    From reading another post about it, i gathered that Reaper used to be totaly free, but now as of about two upgrades ago, they have started charging for it, but still can be tried out for free, and is very reasonably priced. I have it now on my windows computer but haven't had a chance to play with it much.

    They don't have the Mac version yet, unless its on there somewhere and i missed it.

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