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Topic: KH Ruby was really "out of the box"

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    KH Ruby was really "out of the box"


    After I received a copy of new Kirk Hunter Ruby, I just tried it out this weekend. Excepting "Taiko thunder", all sounds came from the Ruby.


    Although I didn't use many articulations included in the Ruby, and also didn't use its distinguishing IntervaLive, it took only a few hours to render this piece. I'm impressed by its easiness.

    The range of dynamics change caused by velocity data is a fair bit large, and I found it a little difficult to deal with mixing tracks right now, but it is very attractive, too. Very excitative. Thanks, Kirk Hunter-san.
    Tatsu Nagao
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    Re: KH Ruby was really "out of the box"

    That sounds great for such a short amount of time!


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