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Topic: Mafia Reloaded

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    Mafia Reloaded


    I am new to the forum and thought I'd go ahead and post a piece for some feedback. This piece is called "Mafia Reloaded" and was inspired by the waltz from the Godfather. All the sounds are from GPO and I used Sibelius to compose it and play it.


    Please, let me know what you like with it or what you think could be improved. (Both with the composition itself and the performance).


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    Re: Mafia Reloaded

    Nice orchestration. Lots of variety. Toward the middle there's a section with, I think, flutes and strings that seemed a little "thin" to me. Hmmm. Not sure how to describe it. Maybe it needs a little fill in the middle voices. But don't take my word for it. I'm a total newbie to composing. Overall, I thought it was very good. Keep up the good work.

    --gary shannon

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    Re: Mafia Reloaded

    Thanks Gary! I think I know what part you mean.

    I played this piece for a friend a couple of days ago and he suggested adding accordion. I don't have any good accordion samples, so I don't think I want to do that, but I could always add some more woodwinds at that point - or brass. Right now it is only strings and woodwinds.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Mafia Reloaded

    A warm welcome to the forum, Lydia!

    This is quite a strong introduction of your work, most certainly.
    Able orchestration, well composed, evocative and on the mark
    for your subject matter -- this is good writing and good rendering
    that would find itself quite comfortable in film or overture.

    Keep it coming!



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    Re: Mafia Reloaded

    Thank you David. That is very encouraging.

    ~ Lydia

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    Thumbs up Re: Mafia Reloaded

    Do people ever criticize music titles on this forum? I guess they do now. Lydia, i love your work here it is absolutely gorgeous, i'll listen to it many times.

    BUT, I have a lot trouble associating beautiful music with a gang of creepy murderous thugs, to me the name doesn't seem to fit the music. I know The Godfather had a beautiful score, but even back then i thought something seemed wrong with that picture. Guess i would like your title better if it were called finishing off the mafia or something like that.


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    Re: Mafia Reloaded


    To be honest I have thought about re-naming it several times, but the most exciting name I came up with was "Waltz in G minor" and I thought it seemed too boring...

    I never thought about the possibility of still using Mafia somewhere in the title but not in a way that it seems like it will be an actionfilled piece...

    I will think about it some more.


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    Re: Mafia Reloaded

    I really liked this. Very cinematic.

    I don’t know about Mafia, but there is something dark about it. Maybe more of a ghost story or mystery set in the late Victorian age.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Mafia Reloaded


    this is wonderful work, both in terms of melodic and harmonic sensibility and rendering!

    Since you asked for comments: My studio monitors are not installed this week and maybe it is just a problem with my laptop speakers, so I may be totally wrong. But I would check the lines for the common rules of avoiding parallel fifths, fourths, voice changings etc. At first listening I would guess there are a few situations where the flute and the first violins seem to be in conflict both jumping to a fourth etc.

    I don't remember all the rules since I compose by ear nowadays but I think there are some things that irritate me a little in the voicings.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Mafia Reloaded

    Hi Lydia, Welcome!

    Lovely piece, I particularly enjoyed the sweeping strings, especially at the start.

    Well done and thanks for sharing.

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