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Topic: I fell of the information highway again

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    I fell of the information highway again

    Im looking towards byuing a new computer (again) but i completely lost track of technology (again) and im wondering about a few things now...

    Is it OK to run Windows Vista?
    Im a cubase sx 3 user, and mainly run software libs, and im not looking to upgrade anything for a while, as im happy woth my current software.
    So will all my older xp stuff still work on vista without any upgrades? like kontakt players, cubase, etc etc. or is it safer to get xp pro? But then i might miss out on newer software that might come along on ...

    Whats the deal with dual and quadruple cores?
    I mean the last time i bought a pc, pentium 4 was hot ~~~~, and now i have no clue...is it a big point to get 4 core processor for music appz, or will a good old fashioned 2 core be just as usefull? And is cpu speed still more important than the number of cores?

    32bit or 64bit OS? what?
    To utilize as much ram as possible, must i run some 32 bit os, or 64 bit even?
    So can the old xp allow me to run 8 gb of ram, or must i go with vista here?
    And will cubase and k2 realy utilze 8 gb or ram? I dont follow...
    recomandations please...

    And finally: godspeed.
    Should i get a small sized Raptor drive ( puny 150GB) for some selected libs that i use alot, of is more space better.? and Whats with all the different configs of drives now, sata raid , sereal raid etc etc. Help me, im drowing here!!! hehe. Do i realy need a super fast 10.000rpm drive?

    So, i will be ultra mega happy for replies here, i need some advice truly!!!
    Also keep in mind, i will not go online withe the computer, not play any games or things to that extent. Perhaps just some video editing and the random x.rated movie every now and then ,lol.

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    Re: I fell of the information highway again

    Just a few random comments. A dual core will do you quite nicely - it all depends on what you will be doing. If you are only doing a moderate number of tracks dual core will be quite sufficient, but if you want to become a "power user" and push everything to the max four cores might be worth it. Any of the new dual-cores will absolutely smoke any single core.

    Vista is NOT ready for prime time audio use... there are still very few drivers out, and most people that have tried Vista report very spotty performance, though some have reported success.

    XP, can utilize a max of 4 gigabytes of ram, some use the 3 gig switch to get beyond the 2 gig limit per program. I have never used the switch so can't comment beyond that.

    Depending on workflow you will want three hard drives one for the o/s and programs, one for audio, and one for samples. Typically, there is little benefit to making use of RAID, what is more important is to keep each of the above items on their own hard drive. A few have used some aspects of a RAID configuration for a slight performance boost (again can't say more since I don't use RAID), but generally dedicated DAW builders don't seem to recommend it. Depending on what you want to do, buying a system from a dedicated DAW builder would be something to consider - ADK and Sonica Labs, are two of the good ones (ADK built mine)

    Most of your older stuff will probably NOT run under Vista.

    Can't comment on Cubase as I don't use it.

    IMO your best bet at present would be to stick with XP 32 bit, 4 gigs of memory. Some use Raptors, but 7200 rpm hard drives will be fine - 5400 rpm hard drives are NOT recommended.

    OTOH there are some intriguing things going on in Logic 8 and ram usage, and in Logic on Mac it seems that some have gotten K2 to use over 4 gigs of ram. That is not possible in Windows.

    If you go with a firewire soundcard, make sure your firewire card uses the TI chipset.


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    Re: I fell of the information highway again

    Firstly, I am NOT an expert but I believe I can add some thoughts here that many would agree with. I've been recording music for a few years and I'm pretty good with computers.

    DO NOT get Vista. Stick with XP Pro. Vista is too new and much of the older software and hardware will lead to compatability issues.

    Also, we are not ready for 64 bits just yet, forget that too.

    As far as a computer goes, well, I'm looking at building 2 new ones this month and they will be for doing Midi mockups with high end orchestral libraries. I use Cubase sx along with Gigastudio 3 and I'm getting into Kontakt 2.

    As far as core 2 duo or quad goes, both are FAR better than a P4.
    I'm actually thinking of getting one of each but may just end up with 2 quad core systems. I've heard that very soon the price will drop again on the core 2 quads, in fact the Q6600 is just about the same price as the E6850 core 2 duo.

    Contrary to popular belief many apps can take advantage of multiple cores, including Cubase. Which one to get, well, if you can get the quad go for it BUT either chip WILL deliver amazing results for you.

    Now RAM. This is an area I am unsure of but my belief is get 4 gigs. A minimum of 2. Kinda depends on what you're using exactly. I am getting 4 gigs in each machine. I will utilize the 3 gig switch for my samples and 1 gig for windows. My experience has shown samplers, like Giga and VIs WILL and do like as much ram as possible. 4 gigs is NOT overkill, using XP.

    IF you plan on using a lot of high end sample libraries AND OR virtual instruments you would be best off getting 2 systems but cannot tell you if your situation warrants it or not.

    Hard drives- Well, can't help with Raptors and Raid. I use regular old 7200 drives but multiple ones. Many people will go on and on about the added performance with 10,000rpm but many will tell you it's not worth it.
    I am going to be posting about that very subject myself later.
    We need a poll on this!

    Now as far as the random movies go........ Get back to your music, shame on you!! Which one's did you say you liked?

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    Re: I fell of the information highway again

    ops. thanx im running multiple threads here, but i pretty much got all the answers i was looking for.

    My experience is also, that the 72000rpm drives are fast enough, id much rather have space over a small faster noisier drive anyway.

    yeah,ok so im gonna go for the best intel preocessor i can afford, duel or quad, with 4 gbs of ram, and windows xp 32 bit i guess.
    You saying its not a point to get the xp 64bit version either, for the future...?

    But again, thanx thanx, i know what to get now.
    And i am, indeed a "power" user, and im not as blank on the subject as it appears, its just that i had not kept track of things, becouse my machine and setup was working perfect for 4 years now, until i realized, I HATE IT!!! hehe.

    so gracias, amigos.!

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